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Current Opportunities in Professional Golf Careers

Sep 4, 2008
The concept of a professional golf career is not limited to the high-caliber players whose faces grace the covers of sports magazines and who sign million-dollar endorsements without batting an eyelash. While becoming a professional golfer certainly has its perks - most notably in a sports-filled lifestyle, plenty of money, and a little fame to go along with it - it is an incredibly competitive and difficult field to break into.

However, because golf is such a popular pastime among those who excel at the sport (as well as those who simply love the game), there are thousands of golf clubs and resorts around the globe. Each one of these requires staff and regular maintenance, so behind-the-scenes professional golf careers are actually quite numerous. They also offer a host of possibilities - from the cashier in the pro shop to the director of the PGA Tour.

The Truth about Professional Golf Careers

Individuals who work in golf careers on a managerial or professional level (such as those who create marketing campaigns or oversee a golf resort) are almost always people who combine their love of golf with good business sense. In today's vocational market, it isn't enough to simply get a business degree and find a place to put it to work; in fact, more and more graduates combine their business training with another passion - be it golf, electronics, or fashion - to carve out a career that offers personal as well as professional satisfaction.

The best thing about the current market for professional golf careers is the variety. When faced with the prospect of finding a job in the golfing world, most people's thoughts instantly run to the highly visible positions. They imagine jobs as professional golfers, directors of tournaments, or marketing managers of the PGA Tour. However, as with all professions, there are only a few spots at the highest rung of the ladder.

This doesn't mean that you should quit your search for the perfect professional golf career; on the contrary, there are many additional options available. Instead of running the PGA Tour, you could work behind the scenes at the PGA. With offices and facilities all over the world, you aren't limited as to where you can work or in what capacity. As with all national organizations, there is a need for office staff, supervisors, managers, and administrators.

Since even getting into the PGA at the entry-level can be complicated, so there are even more choices at independent golf courses and resorts all over the world. Whether operated privately or as a government course, facilities still have to be managed, courses have to be designed and maintained, and someone has to wash the golf carts.

Starting Your Professional Golf Career

At first, professional golf careers might sound like the pinnacle of glamour. Fame, fortune, and good old-fashioned fun abound. However, there are many layers to golfing vocations. No matter what your educational background is or where your interest lies, there is a place where you can work directly with the game you love and the skills you possess.

To enhance your potential to break into the field and find success, you may want to consider attending a golf school. Offering Associate and Bachelor degrees, many of these programs combine the business training necessary to succeed behind the scenes with the basic golf skills that keep the job fun. There is no better way to combine passion and practicality. With the right training and an open mind, a professional golf career is closer than you think.
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Andy West is a freelance writer for The Golf Academy of America. To learn more about professional golf careers , please visit http://www.golfacademy.edu .
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