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Make Money By Parking Your Domains Online

Sep 4, 2008
Personally, I think this is probably one of the easiest ways of making money online. There's just a few easy steps you need to take in order to make money from domain parking or domain monetization as some people refer to it. The most important thing when doing this is the domain name you have and the site you are at. Most likely if you have a good "brand-able" domain name like Cars or Pets people will come to your site naturally. Of course as most of us domainers know, these domains aren't even available! The ones that are available come with a large price tag attached to them.

Brandable domain names aren't just one worded anymore. Now they have adapted to 2 or 3 words. These words really should be good keywords though. Think of something like AutomotiveParts, PetCare or PetCareOnline. Also, try your hardest not to use hyphens! They are usually frowned upon when making a domain anyway, especially if you're trying to make it brandable with domain parking or if you plan on selling the domain in the future for a substantial amount of money!

Some parking programs offer optimization, different options, etc. You shouldn't ever join a parking program where YOU have to pay them. Try sites like Sedo, TraffiClub, Parked, Fabulous, etc. Some are better than others, not all pay the same, so check the sites out before you join! Try searching for "domain parking programs" or "domain monetization". Depending on how many people you get to go to your site, and the quality you could make good money from this. *** Always follow guidelines and TOS or your account could be terminated and it doesn't matter if you have 35cents or $35,000 owed to you. Break the rules and your done. No second chances here!

Once you have the domain you want to use and you have the site you want to use, you simply go to your registrar point the DNS settings to the domain program (they give you directions) and then that's pretty much it. This is a big sit and wait game. Of course you can try to direct traffic to the domain in a legit manner, don't use things like arbitrage which are now frowned upon!

But you can try advertising your domains(s) on networking sites, classified sites, add a link to your forum sig, email sig, register the domain with search engines, submit it to some of the top directories, etc. Even better if you already have a pre-existing domain and it receives a lot of traffic on its own and you aren't really using it for anything important, you can switch this in as a parking domain.

When people visit the domain there will be adverts placed on it. When people do a search or click a keyword you will receive a certain percentage from the parking company which ultimately comes from feeds from Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. So, Google pays Sedo and Sedo pays you. You can receive checks or even payments directly to your Pay Pal account which is always a nice little option! You really can earn money from this so don't be baffled or speculative, try it out of you don't believe me!

When arbitrage was allowed I was clearing $7000 a month easily. And, now that arbitrage isn't allowed, people are still making thousands a month! So, it is possible to do!

If you're not making money it's a good idea to move on to another parking site or to tweak the keywords on your domain! Here's a little tip as well. If you have 10 or more domains, spread them out over different programs, this will allow you to see where you can make the most money, as well as which niches are successful at certain programs and which aren't! Good luck with this money making process.
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