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Why You Should Provide Good Customer Service in Network Marketing

Sep 4, 2008
Customer service does apply to the internet age and internet network marketing. This concept is often lost in the sea of Internet advertising, driving traffic, social bookmarking, etc. It is a rather Old School concept, but invaluable to any business effort. Providing good customer service in internet network marketing will get you great results.

Let us say you are getting tons of leads each day, but are having a problem converting them to actual customers or downline for your internet network marketing opportunity. Something as simple as a little personal e-mail to them can often make the difference in converting at a higher rate. Simply say hello, offer to answer some of their questions, let them in on a traffic generation secret of yours. The key is to let them know there is an actual person who is interested in them behind the computer screen.

Better yet, you need to give people what they really want and desire that are on your opt-in list. Do they really want to be immediately sold on your network marketing opportunity? No, not initially. What they really want is how to be successful themselves and the tools to do that.

If you have an auto-responder series focused on internet network marketing, be good to your list. Give them some tips and tools that have worked for you.

For example, when many people start out, they have problems generating traffic to their internet network marketing page. What if you included on your auto-responder series the top 5 ways that you have successfully generated traffic? Do you think that people would be interested in that and will you have provided good customer service to them?

Good customer service in internet network marketing is about being there for people when they have questions or need some clarification. Why not include an e-mail address and or phone number where people can call or write back to you with questions? When people e-mail you or call, answer your questions to the best of your ability. I am not saying to spend an hour or two on the phone with someone who is not a customer yet. However, giving someone 5 or 10 minutes of your time is providing good customer service and people are more likely to become a member of what you have to offer or buy from you in the future.

Give and you will receive ten-fold. Over commit on your part and you will see people flock to you because of good customer service for your internet network marketing opportunity.
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