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Using Adsence As Part Of Your Internet Marketing Plan Handsomely Increase Your Profits

Sep 4, 2008
Your quality internet marketing plan can be the difference between success and failure. There are many tools that you'll use and Adsense is one of those tools. Here are three reasons why you need to use Adsense as part of your internet marketing plan.

First let's look at what it is for those that aren't familiar with it. Publishers add a piece of Javascript supplied by Google onto their website. Each time that page is accessed the java script pull advertisements from the Adsense program. The page content determines the types of ads that will be displayed. Ads are targeted based on keywords targeted on the page. If a page visitor clicks on the ad the publisher is paid a portion of the money the advertiser paid Google for the click, and the advertiser gets targeted traffic.

Google keeps track of earnings and payments making it easy for webmasters to display targeted ads without having to solicit advertisers, monitor click, and collect funds, al of which can be extremely time consuming. If we are being honest publishers of the ads are less concerned with the ad content and more concerned with the money they'll learn, while advertisers are concerned with targeted traffic.

Adsense has spent a great deal of time and money understanding the needs of webmasters and publishers which is one reason why Adsense is an excellent choice for content sites. The systems are customizable in ad size, type, appearance, ad formats, and more. This means as a webmaster you have the opportunity to compliment the ads with the look and feel of your website.

Just as different websites are designed differently, different ad blocks have different click through rates from visitors. There are two common approaches taken when presenting the ads on a web page. The first designs the ad and strategically places it so that it blends nicely with the web page. Sometimes visitors aren't even aware that they are clicking on an ad not associated with the page. Another format used is to make the advertisement stand out appealing to the visitors based on their interests. Either way, if a visitor clicks on an ad the publisher gets paid, and advertisers get targeted traffic. The amount can range from pennies to hundreds both in payment to the publisher and cost to the advertiser. Your content gets read and you get paid. Now that's a win-win!

As a Google Adsense publisher you can track how your site is doing as well as what earnings have been generated based on the channels you've created. You can monitor the performance of ads based on reports you create and customize. You can see details relating to page impressions, clicks, as well as click through rates. You can even track the performance of certain ad colors, ad formats, and where the ads are placed. That means you can quickly see what's paying and what's not. Therefore you can make any necessary changes if a particular type of ad isn't working. You can also quickly spot developing trends and just as quickly spot when those trends are becoming a thing of the past with new trends merging.

The real time reporting is a very powerful tool letting you see how effective your changes are very quickly. Make changes gradually and then wait to see how they perform. The flexible tools allow for continuous generation of cash for publishers. You can quickly have a look at performance based on web page, ads, or even domain.

Finally advertisers have realized that having their ads appear on targeted sites is very beneficial increasing the likelihood that a surfer lands on the publisher's website and then purchase a product. The cost of the ads is money well spent. When purchasing ad placement you actually bid against others bidding for the same keyword. You choose your keywords and you set your budget. Your ads are displayed on websites that are in it for the money and so that means you are also going to benefit.

The Adsense game is all about targeted content and the more targeted your content is the more targeted the ads will be and the more beneficial to publishers and webmasters alike. Wanting to make cash isn't enough. As a publisher you have to work on your site and on targeting those ads. That means the work done by the publisher will benefit the advertiser as well.

Now that you know why you need to use Adsense as part of your internet marketing plan both as an advertiser and a publisher, it's time to begin participating now.
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