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The Affiliate Marketer's Guide To Networking

Sep 5, 2008
Let's face it - one of the greatest advantages to affiliate marketing is that you get to break away from the daily grind of the typical 9-5 job and work from home. No more cubicles, no more insane traffic jams and best of all, no more unfulfilling jobs that suck away at your valuable time! Instead, the only major choice you'll have to face is whether you want to work for only a couple of hours or a normal workday. What pressure! Yes, being an affiliate marketer definitely has its rewarding perks.

Yet to become a really successful affiliate marketer- and we're talking the kind who sees a six figure income year after year- there are some important rules to take away from your previous office job. Sure, you may have pursued affiliate marketing in order to have some freedom in your workday, but it's absolutely vital to note that there is one particular lesson that you should take away from the 9-5 world: the importance of networking.

You may be surprised at how essential networking is to the success of an affiliate marketer, as it can be all too easy to remain anonymous thanks to the internet. That's exactly why you need to reach out to your fellow marketers- some key contacts that you make today could really escalate your business in the future. Think of each fellow affiliate marketer as a means of reaching out to more clients, or learning of different tools and methods that can help you market your affiliate products or services more effectively.
Read on for more tips and tricks on how to network like the business pros in the 9-5 world!

Be aggressive. Don't wait for other affiliate marketers to find you; rather, get out there in the online world and join some groups or forums with like-minded people. There are a ton of blogs out there for affiliate marketers, and each member is like an untapped source full of affiliate marketing secrets that you might not have even heard of or thought of before. If you really want to network like the pros, consider attending a national conference for affiliate marketers, where you can easily meet the best in the business. There was a recent summit in Boston for affiliate marketers with some big name speakers, so it's definitely worth the time and extra money to get yourself to a local convention; after all, just think of all the great connections you'll make just by speaking to some of the bigwigs of the affiliate marketing world!

Be professional. Except for the summit or convention here and there, most of your exposure to other affiliate marketers will be done online. Therefore, it's absolutely essential to conduct yourself in the most professional manner possible. What does this include? First of all, avoid online and text speak at all costs! Although it may save you a few extra seconds, text speak is extremely unprofessional, and will make you look as though you're still in high school. Most importantly, do not type in all caps! Typing in all caps is the online equivalent to yelling- and business bigwigs do not conduct their meetings through shouts and screeches. Just hold yourself to this rule: if you can't see a Fortune 500 CEO doing it (for instance, would Bill Gates insert smiley faces all over his emails?) then you shouldn't do it.

Follow up. Networking with other affiliate marketers is a lot like how your affiliate establishes important relationships with other clients: through relentless follow-up. That explains why email campaigns are such a vital part of the overall internet marketing process. So be sure to treat your fellow affiliate marketer like a client. Send emails with marketing tips, ask questions or just simply share an anecdote that is relevant to the affiliate marketing business. If you put in the time and effort to solidify the connections you've made through networking, then you're setting your business up for great success- and lots of profit!

Don't be afraid. If you're on the shy side, then networking probably seems like a terrifying idea to you. Yet you have a distinct advantage over those in the 9-5 world because you don't have to network face-to-face. Summon up the courage to ask a marketer a particular question, or don't be afraid to be the first post on an affiliate marketing blog. You'll be regarded as a leader, and will hopefully learn a few new things in the process!

Just because you're working from home doesn't mean that you should readily let go of the experiences and lessons that you've learned through working in the 9-5 world. After all, networking is an essential part of the growth of any business, whether it's conducted in the "real world" or not- so take advantage of your valuable connections and apply your new knowledge to your affiliate marketing business. It could just be the catalyst you need to turn your business into a profit-generating machine!
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