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Increase Web Traffic With SEO

Sep 5, 2008
In the last several years Google has become a widely-recognized brand, even recently ranked as the top-known brand name in the world. Anyone who is hosting a website, advertising online, or doing business should understand how to utilize Google services well. In short, over half of all Internet searches use Google.

Google's services can help searchers find your business in several different ways. Your site, like all the other public sites on the Web, is scanned often by automatic 'spider' applications which make an examination for the links and content of each web page. Google's index contains over ten billion pages; the company updates its indexes on a regular basis, a task that requires the use of almost half a million servers.

When users submit search terms at the site, Google will present a list of selected and ordered matches. The order in which they are presented is determined by several different factors. The factors of this search include the relevancy of the content on the page to the search terms, along with what Google calls the 'PageRank' of that particular page. Other factors probably play in as well, but these algorithms are secret.

PageRank is expressed as a number which is calculated during the process of indexing (0-10). Each web page that the spider examines will be assigned a PageRank number. Starting at zero, the number grows as the page receives links from other sites, either from the same host for from other externally-based sites. The Google policy here is that pages receive rank not from the amount of accesses they serve, but by the correlated relevancy of content and the amount of links that refer them. Google's description: "Google interprets a link from page A to B as a vote, by page A, for page B. Votes cast by pages that are themselves important weigh more heavily and help to make other pages important." So, increased site traffic won't improve your PageRank, but a better PageRank will probably result in increased traffic to your site.

Where Does Your Site Sit in Google's World?

To find out your site's PageRank, use Google's Toolbar in your Web browser. If you don't have it pre-installed, just search for it.

How Does a Site Increase Visitor Traffic?

There's an entire new field to address this question: search engine optimizers. These SEO companies are great for expert advice. There are also some things you can do to increase the amount of unpaid traffic at your web site.

1) Website Redesign - Make your site focus more on the issues that people search on more frequently.

2) Place Articles - These articles can feature incoming links to your web site.

3) Localize - By adding sections by geographic location, your content can feature info related to a particular place, including community events. Google gives favor to a search that includes a city name in it.

By implementing these simple suggestions, you could see your unpaid web traffic triple in short time.
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Nick Pegley is VP of Marketing at All Covered Inc, the only nationwide information technology (IT) services company focused solely on enabling the success of small businesses. Serving thousands of organizations across every major industry, the company helps clients achieve their business objectives by lowering the cost and maximizing the performance of their IT systems.
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