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Are You a Serial Entrepreneur?

Sep 5, 2008
The dream of being self-employed and making a great income is what most everyone strives for these days. Working at home as a career is an ideal situation everyone would like to find themselves in. It isn't as difficult as some might think. The problem is spreading oneself too thin. Becoming a self-made entrepreneur can become addicting, wanting to go from one success to another-working 50, 60, and even 70 hour weeks. For the stay at home entrepreneurs it is easier to find one avenue, like direct marketing or internet sales.

Today's workers want to work more on their terms. They want to work in something that is satisfying to them, and with people that are trustworthy and respected. Individuals want more control over there work, time, and lifestyle. They want to feel rewarded for the work they put in and what they do. Working for oneself has even become more popular in small towns where mills, and other big businesses have long since left town and left people without jobs. Home-based business owners often call themselves small business owners, self-employed, consultants or contractors. In fact, working at home is not a new idea. Prior to the invention of the vehicle, most individuals were home workers, going no farther than their front door or field to work. Today the options are limitless and the decreasing price of technology makes it easy for anyone to start their own business or work from home.

There are different avenues for one to research when making the jump to working for oneself and making sure they are not working in the 50+ hour a week rat race. Ty Coughlin popularized the idea of the reverse marketing idea that creates automated income. The plus to this system is that it's a structure that once started requires very much less human work than most businesses; it is like an automated process. In a short-time, one can just sit back and collect the weekly paychecks. The direct sales company behind the Reverse Funnel System is Global Resorts Network, a discount travel company where members can realize incredible discounts on all of their travel needs. The travel marketing industry has become a 7 trillion dollar a year industry; there are vast amounts of money to me made.

Working from home in an online environment can be a rewarding and pleasurable experience for those who are weary of the day-to-day grind of the office job. There are millions of people who have changed their goals, mindsets, and have started working from home in the world of direct sales, online marketing, online technology, and numerous other business opportunities. In fact, there are so many opportunities, one has to ask why more individuals aren't taking their careers in their own hands, stepping out of the office, and into the life they want. Working 50+ hours a week and making it from paycheck to paycheck is not the situation anyone wants to be in-but it can be changed.
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