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Using Autoresponders to Enhance Customer Service

Sep 5, 2008
When we try to improve our customer service, our initial thought is that we need to perform individual acts of service that are directly related to each customer's "problem." However, if we change our entire viewpoint and try to enhance our customer service before there is an actual "problem," autoresponders can create a stronger, more involved customer service department for any online business.

Simple autoresponder messages like thank you emails, updates, receipt information, and product information can help bring your customer service to a new level even if you are not directly in front of your computer at the time. When a customer places an order, the use of an autoresponder can immediately fill the needs by sending out all of the appropriate messages at the appropriate times in order to help bolster your company's image and the feeling of appreciation the customer has upon receiving the email.

You can create an autoresponder series for any potential product or ordering issue that your customers might run into. Whether you need to describe how to install, set up, or use a product or how to go about the process of returning an item, all of the information that you need to deliver to your customers can be had at the click of a mouse. Your customer just simply needs to let the computer know what information he or she requires by selecting the appropriate topic. It really can be that simple. You can take it one step farther by determining the likely issues many customers have and send out an autoresponder message detailing how the customer can get the help they need with just one mouse click.

Of course, any time a customer wishes to contact you directly, he or she should have that option as well. Simply sending an autoresponder message upon the receipt of a support email can acknowledge the customer and give them a time frame for expecting a response. Your autoresponder message might thank them for contacting you and acknowledge that their email is important to you. Then, you might tell them the hours of customer service and that most emails are answered within 1 business day or whatever might seem reasonable to you. This small step goes a long way in simply acknowledging that a customer has a need and that you will fulfill it as soon as possible.

Most customers are significantly satisfied with a wait time as long as they have been acknowledged. Again, we are heading off problems before they start, thus letting them know that they have been heard is much more effective than hearing them and addressing their aggravation when you are able to finally get back to them. Communication is a vital part of the customer service industry. Communication with autoresponders is highly effective and often increases customer satisfaction by about 25%. Thant's quite a few happier customers that are potentially repeat customers.
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