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The Hardship Of Searching Through Essex Jobs

Sep 5, 2008
In light of the recent credit crunch and people facing job cuts, it is safe to say that now is not a good time for struggle working class individuals, working hard at trying to pay off their student loans or bank loans debt. Unfortunately I fall into this bracket of being a poor graduate working hard to pay off my debts, however, not everyone are as lucky as I am in finding a steady job. If you live in the Essex catchment area then you are probably aware of the lack of opportunities available.

Of course, Essex is not as big as London or the main cities which may offer more job opportunities. However, the biggest problem lies in whether people are able to make the move across to work further away from where they live. During my days of unemployment post graduation, the first thing I did was jump on the internet and search for jobs in London. The problem with this was that possibly at that very moment, there were quite possibly a hundred other graduates doing the exact same thing as me.

For many people it makes much sense to find a job within their hometown, or in the same area as where they enrolled into university. Unfortunately in my case I moved to Essex from London and found myself in a rather difficult position of having no money and no clue as to what I wanted to do. The trouble is that there were not very many Essex jobs available, or so I had thought. Therefore, my natural instinct was to begin employment in the great city of London, thinking that perhaps there was something stable and well paid for me to follow.

When applying for jobs further afield you will need to prove that you are within commutable distance and that there will be no problems in making the journey in to work. Whereas living in Essex, I was unaware that I was more likely to be taken on by the available Essex jobs due to the distance. Employers were more likely to take me on if I had a better chance of travelling in to work if I lived within the area.

Of course one does not get a job based solely on their ability to commute to work easily and living close by. However, it certainly helps one to get a better chance of getting their foot on the ladder. One of the things I realised I needed to do was to revamp my CV. I had to tailor it to the specific criteria's of the company I was interested in applying for, also rewrite my covering letter each and every time I went to apply for a job.

This may seem like a very daunting process; however, this is a necessary part of finding yourself the right job in the area that you choose. Without doing this you may find that many employers will not respond or send you rejection letters, because they will feel that you have not read the specification criteria and are aimlessly looking for a stop-gap job. A good thing to keep in mind is that they may have dozens of applications in one day; therefore, you will need to make yourself stand out.

As a graduate you will soon learn that having a degree is simply not enough! So try to promote any previous work experience that may benefit the company if they were to hire you. Above all be patient! If money is an issue then find yourself a small part-time job or something to fill the gap, as this will look better for you if you show that you are keeping yourself busy.
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Anna Stenning decided to settle for the Essex jobs near where she lived and within her chosen field.
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