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Small Business Owners Need To Delegate!

Sep 5, 2008
No on really expects you to handle everything but if you try then you going to soon develop a lot of problems. The biggest one of all could be the paralysis of your company. You see most people want some responsibility; they want to know they are trusted. That you as the owner are willing to trust them and their judgment. Yes this can be a difficult thing for you to do but you had better get over your paranoia quickly.

The first time you ever worked for someone else didn't you want the chance to prove what you could do? Your employees are no different than you were. And if you give them a chance you might find that they can make good decisions also. Are they going to make the exact same decision you would in a given situation? No not necessarily but that is ok as long as the results are positive.

You as the owner can't be expected to have a say regarding every little decision to be made either. If that is the case then nothing would ever get done. If you try o operate in such a manner people will be unwilling to make a decision because of what they think the consequences could be if they make the wrong choice. You can't have people second guessing themselves. They need to know they have the freedom to act.

Your behavior can determine whether people are willing to make a decision just as if you had told them you wanted everything run by you first. If you are constantly questioning the choices they make and looking over their shoulders they will notice it and act accordingly. You have to make it clear that you are not going to do that. Sometimes by actually saying so if necessary. Clear language is sometimes the only way to get the point across.

Your employees want to know they are trusted. And for the sake of your own health you need to put that trust in them. Because as your business grows it will become harder to have a say in everything that goes on. All you will do is hamper the wheels of progress and you don't really want to do that. You just need to decide when it is necessary to get involved and when it isn't.

If you trust your employees they will thank you for it in the simplest way of all by doing a good job. And that is all you can really ask for. So remember delegation is a key to your success. And to a less stressful work environment as well.
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