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How To Get Massive Website Traffic For Free

Aug 17, 2007
If you have just started a website then listen closely. If you are an experienced Webmaster you just may learn a thing or two as well. The fact is, if you want real people to come to your website it is going to take a little time and a lot of determination. Do not let this distract you. Thousands of people use the following techniques effectively every single day, bringing in massive website traffic that creates an enormous cash flow for their home business.

Most of us know the two greatest factors that create incredible website traffic if worked the right way. These two things are links and most importantly quality, keyword optimized content on your site. What many do not know, and I hope to shed some like on the topic, is the several ways you can bring traffic to your site through non traditional methods of link building and content creation.

When we start our first website, we are told to find as many reciprocal links as possible. This means finding quality, relevant websites and requesting to link with them. Reciprocal linking can be good but I have found that there are other things I could be doing with my time that will pay off more than just reciprocal linking. As reciprocal linking is not a bad thing, I would not say to stop doing it. I would just say do not spend hours a day on it. The number one linking strategy I have found to provide the best results and in turn sending loads of website traffic to my site is what I call triangular linking.

Triangular linking is the result of website a placing a link to website b, now website b places a link to website c and website c places a link to website a. This completes a triangle and the search engines love it. The benefit to triangular linking is that search engines will see a one way link to each site without a reciprocal link but all three sites will benefit. I believe a combination of reciprocal linking and triangular linking is the key.

Submitting articles to article directories is probably the number one technique in getting links back to your site and most importantly visitors. I try to write at least three articles a week and submit to as many article directories as possible. Not only does this provide your site with one-way links, it also brings in website traffic directly through the article if the reader is interested and clicks.

Now that I have talked about bringing in a lot of website traffic through linking it is time to talk about the actual content of your website. In my experience, the basic principle of creating as many informational, keyword optimized pages as possible along with a good linking campaign is the best way to bring in massive website traffic. I have found that including the keyword for each individual page approximately six or seven times per every four hundred words provides the best results.

Keep these thoughts in mind when building your websites promotion strategy and you will see great results in a short amount of time. Lastly, people like good, clean, informational sites. Providing a quality site that is worth taking a look at will always prove to bring in repeat traffic to your site.
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