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Five Ways To Avoid Paid Online Survey Scams

Aug 17, 2007
Have you joined the survey scene yet? Has the negativity surrounding scams put you off? While it can be like a "shark infested ocean" on the world wide web, with a little due diligence, you can avoid many of the pitfalls and find the "diamonds in the rough."

Surveys, online and offline, can be lucrative to the extent they can generate some serious extra income for you. There are several ways to spot the good from the bad but it's important to remember if you are a "survey virgin" just take your time and don't be tempted to jump into the first survey you come across.

Survey Danger Signs To Avoid

Due diligence involves analysing several aspects of a survey offer and with a little practice on your part and some references from reliable sources, then you can be well on your way in earning some extra income. Let's take a look at some danger signs to avoid.

- The first golden rule is always; if it's too good to be true then it usually is. I never get tired of telling eager opportunists this.

- Look out for extremely attractive offers which don't seem to fit the situation. By this I mean if a survey is only going to take you 5 minutes to complete online and you are being offered outrageous incentives to take it, I'd suggest give it a wide berth!

- Always check to see if a site has contact information. Preferably phone contact; in fact, I am so rigid that if I cannot contact them by phone I usually move on. However, email support is usually sufficient and a good way to test this is to send an email. Firstly, you are checking to see if you get a response and secondly, the response time factor is very important.

- Look out for the outrageous testimonials. You know the type...documented reports featuring customers grinning from ear to ear. These can be easily fabricated but before you decide it's a scam, do a background check on the site. See if they have contact details. Just don't be tempted to jump at an opportunity and give all your personal details and then regret it later.

- Be wary of sites which require an up front membership fee. Free sites usually provide the same information such as a list of survey sites for you to explore. Be wary of any grand guarantees and make sure there is scope for you to get your money back.

In a sense, the above points are basically simple common sense. One area that is disturbing to many is the number of elderly people can who fall victim to survey scams. First time internet or inexperienced onliners are ideal targets for many unscrupulous operators. The sad part is, there are excellent paid online survey sites and opportunities out there but the trick is, "wading through the seaweed" to find them.
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