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Work At Home Doing Freelance Work

Aug 17, 2007
Are you very limited with your start up money available and you really want to work for yourself with a none or limited partnership. If you are not interested in franchising, your work from home Internet business can still thrive in many freelance working ventures.

The biggest advantage to a freelance work at home Internet business, as opposed to affiliation with any other person or business is that you are your own boss. The additional advantage is that you can generally keep your costs far lower.

Speed of progress is another important ingredient in freelance work. If you freelance, you can start your business fairly quickly, and start making money quicker than you would otherwise.

The first thing to do in starting your freelance work from home Internet business is to decide on what business you will invest your time and limited funds in. You need to know your skills, experience, strengths and interests.

If you consider skills, experience and strength without including interest you have lost the point of working for yourself. You will have left drudgery behind and headed to more drudgery. This is like trading a headache for a stomach ache. Not a good choice to have to make.

Some people just want a change of scenery. Even if there present work is acceptable or good. Maybe you have been doing something for a long time. Just another location, with similar work, is desired. This is okay as long as you are clear with yourself as to what you want.

Next comes a litany of questions like this; What are you passionate about? What makes you happy? What frustrates you? Do you do anything so well that you almost cannot believe others cannot do it? What comes natural to you? Can you write a little bit everyday? It does not have to be a lot and some people do well at this.

Some people are surprised to find out they are good writers, with or without college training. This has turned out to be my case. I found my niche, in article writing with zero knowledge that it even existed a few short years ago.

These are things that should be part of your work from home Internet business. Did you take a programming degree of four years from college? Does it make marketing sense too? Are you ready to go to the next step and literally work on the internet to begin your developing career?

If you love scuba diving but your market area is the desert you might want to consider another business. Market exclusively on the Internet to expand your market, or move a lot closer to the water. The logic here is you find your creative motivation, six feet under the wet surface, not the dry one. You also need this environment to keep up to date.

You need to ask yourself lot of questions before you decide on the right work from home Internet business. Even if you are a good candidate for a work at home Internet business the following questions will help you find your personal target market career, for now, more accurately. This will let you focus and be better at what you do and enjoy it more.

Am I motivated by my own actions or do I need others to push me? Am I self disciplined? Do I clean up all of my own messes? Am I organized and can I learn organization skills? Can I make a list of daily goals and do them? Can I maintain focus for an extended period of time even in the face of distractions and adversity? Count on lots of distractions.

Do I have confidence in myself and my skills in the area I have chosen? Will I be unhappy working alone, without the camaraderie of my work colleagues and supervisors? Is my skill or product marketable? Can it be made marketable?

How will my family life be affected by my having a work from home Internet business? Am I financially and emotionally stable enough for this and able to live for a year before showing a profit?

Can you answer these questions in a positive way? If so you may be ready to investigate making yourself a freelance worker from home. Real possibilities for you are as an Internet writer, editor or copywriter. Do you feel chills in your spine when you think about these things? Do you get a happy, fluttering heart beat?

Also in demand are designers, virtual call center reps offering inbound or outbound sales, customer service or technical support services, computer professionals like programmers, designers and Webmasters. Hundreds of other freelance work from home Internet business types exist.

These are in dozens of different industries. If you want to work from home on your very own Internet business an opportunity awaits you somewhere. Now let your search begin.
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