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What Do You Do For A Living?

Aug 17, 2007
When someone asks, "What do you do for a living?" How do you answer?
Do you say, "I work for XYZ Company and have a home based business." Or do you say "I work from home?" and leave out the day job part or something similar? Or even worse, you fail to mention your home based business at all? If you're new to Network Marketing/MLM; I'm betting you say you work for XYZ Company and my network marketing company or you fail to mention your business at all.

It's a tough habit to break. I know it was for me. I went to a Chamber of Commerce Breakfast at Teddy Gentry's (of the group Alabama) farm a few years ago and as I was introducing myself to people, I noticed myself saying "And". This thought has stuck with me for all these years as I think about why some people succeed and some fail in Network Marketing. You can look at the success stories and figure out that almost anyone can succeed. There're people who were educated, high school dropouts, executives, factory workers, geniuses, and the not so smart. I even remember reading about a guy who was homeless on the street who succeeded and I'm sure you can find members of the same class of people who failed so background isn't the reason. It may be part of the reason but it isn't the entire reason.

If you started a business on Main Street, it'd be easy to say you own it. After all, chances are that it would be ALL you did. You'd give it 110% of your focus and your energy. You'd probably be there 10-16 hours a day and think about it all the time until it became successful or you burned out.
There're books out there that say you should quit your job so that you'd have no choice but to succeed in your company, but I can't agree 100%. My belief is that it's better to have the mind set that your business is #1 and your job is #2 (not including family and other important things). If you've ever worked 2 jobs, you probably didn't mention both of them when people asked so why mention your job now unless you are at work? Does that make sense? It's nothing but a mind set but it'll make a world of difference in how you act inside and out.

If you're saying you work for XYZ Company and... you're missing a great opportunity to have someone ask about your business. Would you rather have someone ask how he or she can get a job or have their own business? I know which would be better for you and the person who may be asking. If you're in a reputable company that provides training and a way to make money, without costing an arm and a leg, and you are supporting your downline, they would be better off in your downline. What about your products? Would they help the person asking? Would the products save them money? Would (your product) solve (enter problem here)?

This isn't the end all be all success key in network marketing but it is a very important piece of the puzzle. If you do this, your bank account won't explode overnight, but it will get you on the path to not having that job.
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