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Do You Think You Are Psychologically Unemployable?

Sep 5, 2008
We all can imagine the work week, the day-to-day grind of commuting back and forth from work, to home, and back to work all over again. It is a monotonous repeating cycle of most American's lives. People today are so accustomed to the work environment that often the thoughts of working for oneself seem out of reach, or even silly to think about. The corporate world deadens the individual personality, dreams, and beliefs of self empowerment.

More people than ever; however, are deciding to make the jump and become his or her own business owner, or work from home. The modern technological age has made life so demanding and fast paced, that individuals are saying goodbye to their corporate toil, and become easier and less time consuming to work from home. Divorce rates are at an all time high, obesity (caused by stress) is rising at an insane rate, heart disease, and heat attacks are becoming the number one killer of Americans today. The cause: work. A Florida Atlantic Study claims that people, who have a commute of 30 minutes or longer, perform below average on complicated work tasks. Individuals are finding out that it is easier than they anticipated leaving the corporate office behind. People are opting for no more 9 to 5, with an hour commute to and from work, and spending more quality time with family and the way they want to work and lives.

Working from home has always been the dream of many individuals - ownership of their own work and their own time. The average corporate brick and motor companies are shrinking in America, and working from home is the work from home businesses are growing. There is a difference between the home worker and the corporate employee who works at home. A corporate employee who works from home actually tends to work more hours working, and will bring work home from trips or when they do have to go to the office. On average, people who work in the corporate environment work more, and for less, while the average self employed at home worker works approximately 18 hrs a week, or 2.5 days a week. A work at home business owner can be more efficient with time because there are less interruptions, they can focus on the primary tasks, and still have time for personal and family obligations minus the stress.

Working from home has become the new trend in the business culture. Individuals want to manage their own work, their own time, and demand their own wages. Working from home with online internet marketing companies, or direct sales can be very profitable for a motivated individual looking to get out of the corporate jungle. The American Dream is changing, and people are taking advantage of the opportunities to work for themselves and be self sufficient earners without the stress, commitment, and time it takes to work in the office structure. People today are coming out and saying, 'I want to own my own business', and doing it.
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