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Successful Duplication For Your Internet Network Marketing Business

Sep 5, 2008
Success in internet network marketing comes only with successful duplication of yourself, and your team. The harder it is to duplicate what you and your up line do to attract and sign up new members, the more difficult it will be to make money. Really, it's that simple.

There needs to be in place a highly duplicatable system in which everyone who joins your internet marketing home business can follow and implement successfully. The entire system, from recruiting new members, through the marketing process, should be as uncomplicated to do as possible.

The key to creating massive wealth is creating massive duplication through out your down line. If a new sign up cannot successfully duplicate what their sponsor, or team is doing, then the duplication process breaks down, and chances are they will fail and drop out. Think of it this way. Let's say that each member is a domino, and each domino is set up in a line pattern that, when the first domino in front of the line is pushed to fall, all the dominoes fall in a systematic rapid pattern. Take any one of the dominos out of place in the line, and the rest of the dominos will not follow the pattern. Successful, rapid duplication in mlm requires following the same line of successful actions throughout the organization.

It would be great if everyone who joined your network marketing team had strong marketing skills and internet marketing experience, as well as a plentiful marketing budget. However, new people joining any mlm business will come in having different levels of skill sets that play into the success / failure ratio. There will always be a learning curve. Therefore, an essential component of a successful work from home opportunity should include a highly effective training program (training site) designed to guide and educate new recruits in all aspects of how to achieve success. Also, having team web conferences and a strong mentoring program can make a huge difference in successful duplication. And since not everyone joining your business may have an abundant marketing budget, training should also include low cost marketing alternatives that meet the needs of those with limited marketing funds.

The reality is, most people either can't sell, or don't want to sell. Therefore, the less direct personal involvement there is in the sales process, the better. The more automated the selling process is, the more successful duplication will result. E-mail delivery systems, capture pages, and auto responders are important components in the recruiting and marketing process.

Success in any network marketing business comes down to recruiting a large base of associates or team members as quickly as possible, all who are dedicated to building a large team of their own. Exponential growth is best achieved through massive duplication in the recruiting process. The easier and faster new associates can successfully duplicate the recruiting process throughout their down line, chances are that team members will make money, stay motivated, remain focused, and stay long-term. Massive duplication = massive residual income.
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A former Commercial Loan Officer/Vice President-Small Business Lending of 22 yrs. with a major regional Midwest banking group. Applying the principals of massive duplication through the fastest growing team in Success University. www.MillionairesSecretsMonthly.com
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