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Why Are Online Paid Surveys So Popular

Aug 17, 2007
Money making ideas aren't new and profound by any stretch of the imagination but online surveys have started to take the online world by storm. You can hardly go online nowadays without coming across an ad to make riches by completing online surveys. While the claims may seem far fetched the reality is that there are people earning an income from completing surveys.

Online surveys have been around for a long time, well before the birth of the Internet age. Prior to the Internet making survey delivery more efficient and cost effective, companies would have engaged a marketing firm to conduct focus groups or surveys to gather information on new product launches or services. Companies have longed been happy to pay participants for their time and feedback as it can greatly benefit in targeting and designing their marketing initiatives. When you realize that a company can sometimes spend upward of several million dollars on a product launch or new marketing campaign you can realize why they are happy to pay participants several dollars to help them.

When the Internet became popular many companies and research firms just transitioned to the online medium. There are indeed many reputable and longstanding companies who represent reputable companies looking to gather information from potential end users of their products, but like all things online you need to beware of sharks. Many ads that you see promising quick riches by spending a couple days a week completing online paid surveys are just looking to part you from your hard earned money.

So the reality is that while you are going to be able to earn an income don't count on quitting your day job any time soon. On average you can expect to earn between $1 and $50 for completing a survey. Some other survey providers give you points that you can instead redeem towards merchandise. You can usually request a cheque payment once you have earned the minimum balance and most reputable companies send out the cheques promptly.

To get stared simply create a profile on a paid online survey site. The profile you create helps them tailor surveys to your interests and needs. So be as comprehensive as you can with your profile and ensure you provide the correct information so that they can send you the surveys and organize payments to you.

Some sites that provide paid surveys are free to join others charge a fee. Generally the ones that charge a fee have done their research of paid survey sites so that it saves you time in trying to find them. If you don't want to spend countless hours looking for paid online sites then think about investing in paying a fee to a site that has already done the research and you can begin focusing on completing surveys.
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