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Tips on Conducting Business Internationally

Sep 5, 2008
We all live in a world which is becoming more and global in outlook. Most corporates in the US now depend on other countries to conduct their business. That also means that you need to be aware of opportunities of doing business elsewhere in the world. The whole world is your stage.

Prime example of that is call center companies outsourcing their work to countries like India. A lot of manufacturing work is now done in China and Vietnam. These are so called third world countries with cultural and historical baggage.

Doing business internationally with all these companies in the world you need to be aware of the culture of these countries. In some countries that can be a barrier of language but in some countries that barrier may not be there. While doing business in India language is not a problem as it has almost everyone understanding English whereas doing business in China you need to even translate your name into a Chinese character so that they can understand the name.

Then there is the question of culture. You need to understand the culture and respect that. In fact it is the cultural insensitivity that can sometimes ruin a good business opportunity for you. To overcome that you need to make sure that you hire an expert who can train your employees about the culture of the country.

These experts can actually tell you al about the finer aspects of conducting business in the country and also how to live there. Then there are relocation experts who can actually guide your company's employees on how to relocate and help in getting all the basic things set up like the house.

Then there are special experts who actually help you translate all your material and even your website into the local language. In some countries it is purely essential to work in the native language. In most countries there will be several expat managers already that can provide help. This is a bonus because the learning curve becomes shorter and you have some social fabric to depend on.

This is absolutely important since as more and more of your competitors go to other countries for work you need to make sure that you are not left behind just because of the other barriers. Hiring an expert or even hiring local managers is then your best bet in this era or global economy and local thoughts.
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