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21 Ways To Repurpose Article Content-Part One

Sep 5, 2008
Did you know that there are 21 ways to repurpose content generated from one 7 tips product article? First of all, what does repurposing mean? Repurposing means that you blanket the Internet with your information so website visitors will always find you when they search your niche.

1. Action articles: These will make you more money from a 350 word article than a 350 page book.

On this page you will find action articles about relationships. An action article is a 350 word article that has action questions at the end of the article. The questions are designed to get the reader to do something after they read the article.

These articles are powerful because they are a continual seller. Traffic comes to your website and purchases these articles for $7 each. This adds up if you have thousands of website visitors that buy. This will earn more money than a traditional book.

2. EBook:

Want to write an eBook in a day? Use your 7 tips article. Then write an article about each tip. Write everything you know about each tip into the eBook. You will end up having a 7 chapter eBook.

3. Article email:

When you submit your articles to ezine article sites ask a question and provide the article in the article description. Also put a link to your website in the description. Take this same description and article and put it in an email. You can also add an offer. Send it to your list.

4. E-course:

E-course is a better option than an eBook because you will establish contact with your customers more times. Plus, instead of giving them a large chunk of information one time, you will give them little bits of information several times. This schedule is easier for customers to digest and get to know you.

You can do this for free or for a fee. Can you make money with a free e-course? Absolutely! Every installment you send can be sponsored by somebody, even you!

What content should you put in an e-course? Use information from your 7 tips article. Create an interactive setup.

5. A booklet:

You can take your email newsletter and turn it into a booklet. Booklets are an excellent lead generator. Think about brick and mortar type of businesses. They are more successful with a booklet than a business card. The booklet gives the customer more information.

6. Audio CD or mp3:

Create an audio version of your 7 tips article and sell it. You can simply read it yourself into a microphone and burn a CD or mp3. It's very easy and another way to generate leads and profits.

7. Signature speech:

Have you ever spoken in public or done a teleseminar? If so, then you are taking advantage of a great way to repurpose your article content. You can create a speech from your 7 tips article. Think about it. You are an expert on your topic and your content has already been written in your article, so use it when you give speeches.

The good news is that conferences and events are always looking for speakers. Plus, your customers will also enjoy listening to you speak and absorbing your wisdom.
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