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How To Use Keyword Research For Your Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Sep 5, 2008
If you use SEO for the marketing of your online home business opportunity, the results will grow dramatically if you do the keyword research and will check how hard is the competition with the candidate keyword.

1.Long Tail Keywords Work Best.
This is simply my experience and I see that it is very natural, because people who use long tails simply know better what they are looking for. Another reason is that the competition with the long tails is weaker.

Despite of the fact that the amount of searches of the long tail keyword is lower than the big demand keyword, the higher ranking means that the number of visitors will be more regular and the conversion rate better.

On the top of that long tail keywords cover more markets, because each search term includes several independent keywords, which all take your site to their own niches. This brings a nice amount of traffic little by little.

2.Research The Top 5 Sites Per Keyword.
The web site order on the Google result page is not an accident, but Google has put certain rules for its software, how it will put the sites in a certain order. The main criteria is most probably the number and the quality of backlinks, i.e. links pointing from other sites to that particular site.

If the link research shows that the top site has much better numbers than your site, you will not beat it. But if your target is to rank as number 5 or 10 on the results site, you have to research all the first ten sites and see your opportunity.

3.Check The PR.
Google uses Page Rang figure to show how important this site is. If PR figure of the top site is for instance 6 and your site has 3, this is one figure, which makes it difficult for your online home based business opportunity to take the desired place.

4.What Is A Good Amount Of Daily Searches For A Long Tail Keyword?
The right answer is not as much as possible, because the first page positions are difficult to reach with the high demand keywords. When I have marketed my online home based business opportunity by the articles, I have used long tail keywords, which have around from 10 to 50 daily searches.

To be able to rank high it is necessary to write several optimized articles with the same keyword and to distribute them to hundreds of article directories and web sites.

You have also to note, that it takes several weeks, before search engine crawlers will find your links and raise the ranking of the site. With effective tools it takes a couple of minutes to do the keyword research, but believe me, it is worth that.
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