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Changing Your WordPress Theme- Importance of Tweaking Your Theme

Sep 6, 2008
Changing and Tweaking your theme on your WordPress blog or web page can have amazing effects on your readership and success of your business. Here are some ways you can make your theme stand out from the rest.

There are millions of different themes available on the Internet. You can choose one from sites that sell them or give them away free. You could also have someone custom-make your theme, which could cost you a good amount of money. If you choose to select one already made, there are things you can do to make it customized to suit your taste.

- Header. Create a header with your business or blog name on it. If someone stops by your page and sees a header they have already seen somewhere else, they may be inclined to move on.

- Background color. There are simple ways to change the background color to your theme so it matches your header and provides readers an easier to read web page.

- Text color and font. Choose a text color that will be visible on the background color or pattern you have chosen. You also want to pick a font that is clear and large enough for people to see. You don't want people to have to strain to see the information you have provided for your customers or readers, because they will give up and leave your site.

- Incorporate pictures. Images are a great way to capture someone's attention and give them a reason to read what you have on your website.

- Do not clutter. Some themes have many frames so you can fit a lot of information on the page. Take out some of these frames so your page looks organized and clean. You don't want people to have to search for things for too long or again, they will leave your site.

The Importance of Tweaking Your WordPress Theme
Many of the reasons why you should tweak your theme are listed above, but there are additional benefits to doing this.

- Make it your own. You have your own personal style for your blog or business site; don't settle for someone else's taste when it comes to what you want to present on the Internet.

- Tailor it to your readers and customers. You know your audience best, so make the page that will be pleasing to them. The more people like your site, the longer they will stay.

- It's easy. Making a few changes to your WordPress script is not difficult. Sometimes all you have to do is change a few codes and you are all set. There is a lot of information on the Internet that will guide you.

Finally, you want to tweak your WordPress theme because it will give you the success you are looking for in a blog or business website.
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