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Ad Tracking is a Must!

Sep 6, 2008
Ad tracking is a continuous market research that monitors performance of advertising awareness, product trial and usage, spending habits, and page views behaviors. This tracking information also gives a heads up for the researchers to evaluate their competition. In addition, tracking can compare advertising to those commercials being aired through a network media channel as well as internet users' habits.

Ad tracking is becoming more and more prevalent and for any company; it is almost necessary so that they can get their name and product out to the consumer and evaluate what they need to improve or change. Ad tracking is also a less expensive way to not only advertise but also to research your target market.

As with everything, there are pros and cons to both paid and free ad tracking services. Free trackers are - well, free, and may provide a quicker way to market an item. Then again, once a market is saturated your sales will obviously reduce and possibly cause a company to fold if there is no previous reputation in which to stand.

Without quick action, owners of a company (especially a newer one) can suddenly pay more than they expected should their company fold or should they scramble in at the last minute to reinstate a product into the market. Free trackers dont provide the necessary upkeep for market trend changes.

On the other hand, paid tracking services can provide support in many ways, from answering telephone calls to monitoring market changes and adjusting the ad tracking service you have paid for. They are usually easier to contact because of their established name. They tend to offer a variety of services such as auto responders, subscription forms, personalized email messaging and lists of potential customers.

Even though everyone wants something for free, free tracking service is only good for a short time unless you do all the research and marketing yourself and change the ad tracking information as needed. Paid tracking costs more but provides the services that a free service doesnt, so in this you need to decide how much effort you are willing or able to put forth.

Ad tracking is now FTC regulated for issues of privacy. Many consumers dont know that their online usage is being tracked. It is because of this regulation that a consumer will occasionally see the popup asking if it is ok if data material can be sent and what kind of material that is being sent.

With all of this said, make a plan, be active and aware, and stick with it, and you stand the highest chance of becoming more successful.
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