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Sep 6, 2008
The idea of starting a business is one that floats around in many people's mind. It's not new to life with the internet. I knew long before there was an internet and this thing called online business, I had a destiny to have my own business. But do you know what it takes beyond a positive attitude to make your vision flower?

Online business is just a business in a new surrounding. The surrounding is the world, the housing is a mystical electronic sphere. You can't see it, but you believe it's there. You don't know what keeps it running, but you are willing to trust your online money making success to its existence. How can anyone succeed online in such a daunting realm?

What makes you believe in something you can't touch, see, or feel? FAITH!

Faith is very powerful. As Napolean Hill so clearly explained, it is how "...the subconcious mind will transmute into its physical equivalent, by the most direct and practical media available, any order which is given to it in a state of belief..."

You are acting on faith!

Without faith you will:

- never acquire riches. Negative beliefs will stop you dead.

- you will never go beyond the rules that you know, those rules that throughout life convinced you that you can't be rich

- you will never possess the one cure for failure

- without faith, you will never have the magic ingredient that allows you to act with infinite intelligence

These are, once again, Napolean Hills provable facts about faith. Read them again. Do you want to go on without these ingredients? I can make you this guarantee:

Without FAITH you will not succeed. You cannot even create your vision because you have to have faith that your vision can and will exist!

How do you get faith? I suggest you read "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill. It is the best place to start. Your faith in your ideas, your dreams, your accumulation of riches must overpower your life long beliefs that working hard for someone else will get you your rewards.

To get FAITH, you must create it. I use positive self-talk to create and sustain my faith in anything I have not achieved. My belief is my catalyst, and nothing can take it away.

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