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Don't Buy a Vending Machine Business Until You Read This

Sep 6, 2008
Before you buy a vending machine business you really need to know what you are getting involved in. You need to find out what is taking place with the business right now. You may need to make significant modifications in order to benefit from it. Don't give up on a potential business in vending due to them not making profits.

Of course there are quite a few different reasons why someone would be selling their vending machine business. They may be relocating or taking on other business ventures. They may have health concerns or want to retire. There is also the scenario where they have made too many mistakes to make a profit now and they just want to get out while they can.

The prospect to buy a vending machine business can be a good one. However, you must find out what you will be getting for the asking price. Take the time to carefully evaluate all of the equipment. Find out what the market value is for it given the condition it is in. Ask to see documentation of repairs that have been done. The current owner should also have documents for routine maintenance that they have completed on each of the vending machines.

If you don't know much about vending machines you need to learn before you buy a vending machine business. That way you can open one up and know what to look for. If the vending machines are going to constantly break down it is going to cost you money. If you don't have a clue how to fix them on your own it is going to result in even more down time. Don't expect a repair show to just get to your problem the second you call them.

You definitely want to go over all the vendor location contracts before you buy a vending machine business. These will be with each of the owners of the locations where your vending machines are at. You are going to be required to pay them a flat fee for the space or a percentage of the sales. It is very important for you to find out if these contracts will be honored when the business is transferred to you.

If you simply assume you have secured those locations without doing so you may be in for a surprise you aren't happy with. You can have additional pages added with the owner of the location, yourself, and the current owner of the vending machine business to sign. This will cover the fact that you are now the one involved in the contract with that location owner.

When you buy a vending machine business you may need to go out and get items to place in there. Sometimes the current owner will have inventory they are willing to include with the rest of the business. Special tools for the vending machine may be needed as well. Try to get the owner to include all of these items without increasing the price. Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for before you buy a vending machine business.
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Amazingly Robert Farnham actually knows what he is talking about. He started his vending business the wrong way, and eventually turned it into a large, profitable company. You can read more at his vending website.
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