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Waiting on Tables Can Generate Substantial Income

Sep 6, 2008
For many individuals waiting tables is among their first jobs. Most restaurants will hire you when you have no other work experience. As long as you have a pleasant appearance and you are friendly they figure they can teach you the rest. In many instances they don't have too many people with lots of job experience applying anyway.

Some people view waiting tables as a dead end job but I have to disagree. Sure the wages aren't always the best but there is more to it than that. You can definitely generate a nice addition to your wages by making tips. These will be left by customers that are very happy with the quality of service you offer.

Many of us struggle from one pay day to the next. It can be hard to make your money stretch that for. When you are waiting on tables though you will have income coming in eat time you work. You can use that money to buy things such as fuel for your car. You can also put away the change and allow it to all add up.

If you are saving for something significant this can be one way to do so. Don't underestimate how quickly your change can add up for you. In many areas finding a job can be hard to come by. However, if you are determined to take anything that comes your way you can often find work waiting tables. You will find flexible schedules as well which makes it easier to fit in all you need to with other aspects of your life.

There are plenty of skills a person can learn while waiting on tables. They include communication with other people, prioritizing tasks, and being able to balance plenty of plates and cups. This is a job where you get plenty of exercise as well. That is great for anyone finding it hard to fit such activities into their schedule throughout the day. You will also find your memory improves when you are waiting on tables. There is certainly plenty of aspects to learn.

Waiting on tables may be one of your first jobs. You will always remember the lessons you learned from it though. You will also find it makes you more compassionate when you are the customer. Many people really like this job though so they may return to it later in life. It could be a stepping stone or a way to keep yourself active and interacting with other people.

If you are waiting on tables then you need to be positive about it. Don't view this as a dead end job. Instead you need to grasp the opportunity. It is more than a just a way to make some spending cash. It can be a way to pay your bills and to get yourself through college. It can also be the work experience you need on a resume to get someone to give you the chance to move on to another job you would like to experience.
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