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Not Everyone Can Effectively Teach Piano - Do You Have What it Takes?

Sep 6, 2008
Do you have what it takes to teach piano? That is a really good question to ask yourself if you are interested. It can be a great way to share your knowledge and to make some money. Yet some people just don't have the communication skills or the patience to teach other people. If you aren't going to enjoying teaching piano then don't do it. Your students won't be happy with the experience and they will be less likely to learn.

Even if you know how to play, you may not be effective when it comes to being able to teach piano. A common question is where to start? Going back to the basics can be difficult if it has been long ago that you learned how to play. Picking up some resource guides about how to teach piano can really give you great pointers though.

It is a good idea to develop a plan of action before you advertise that you will teach piano. You should be prepared for students and for parents of children that want to learn piano to ask questions. They will want to know about your piano playing experience, your teaching experience, and the curriculum that you will use to teach from. If you aren't organized and able to offer such information readily they may not find you to be credible.

It is important to understand each person you teach piano to will be different. They will have their own unique personality. They will also have their own learning style. Some people pick up piano quickly while others don't. Some people have plenty of self confidence while others need constant reassurance. Therefore your role as piano teacher will have to change based on who you are working with. If you stick with only one method you will find both you and your students become frustrated.

If you decide to teach piano you need to get the word out that you are offering such services. Take advantage of many forms of advertising. Have a limit of how many students you can take on though based on the amount of time you want to commit to the piano lessons. Make sure you have a schedule and you stick to it.

The cost of piano lessons varies significantly so take the time to find out the going rate in your area. You want offer a competitive price so that you get students. If you are going to their home to provide the lessons you should charge more. This is to over your travel time, wear and tear on your vehicle, and the cost of fuel.

There are certainly enough people out there interested in learning to play the piano. If you are able to use those skills for their needs and to make money you should go for it. Ease into the role though so you aren't overwhelmed by it. As you teach piano to students you will find out what works well for you and where you need to make some adjustments.
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