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All You Need To Know About Free Stuff After Mail In Rebate

Sep 6, 2008
Everyone wants a free lunch, and surely with the marketing strategies these days it is definitely possible. So what is mail in rebate? A rebate is basically a kind of sales promotion utilized mainly as supplements or incentives to product sales. The most common type of rebate is the mail in rebate, or MIR for short. A mail in rebate allows the purchases to main in a coupon, barcode and receipt so that he or she will be able to receive a check for a certain amount. This often relies on the certain product, place of purchase and time. Retailers and manufacturers both offer rebates alongside their products.

Now let's take a look behind the "big deal" about rebates. Let's take electronics and accessories for instance. Computer accessories are usually sold in shops at a high markup. Compared to other markets, electronics chains will mark up their items as hefty as they can. Markups can reach 100% for certain electronics. Simultaneously, retailers recognize the fact that competition is tough. As a result, these retailers have to search for a means to draw consumers into investing in their products rather than in other products being sold by other shops. This is how you get dirt-cheap deals!

So what about that free stuff after mail in rebate? Now's actually the time to get on the roll with rebates. In recent years more and more consumers have been finishing claim forms instead of losing them or throwing them out the window. This resulted in the decrease in large rebates--more claims ultimately result in lesser offers from retailers. So if you ever get the chance to complete a claim form, might as well do it now.

Then again, it really depends what item you're trying to get. It seems that the cell phone industry will always have mail in rebates, everywhere. The thing is, are you really benefiting from buying from a particular retailer that offers rebates? A survey has shown that up to 95 percent of consumers do not remember to claim their rebate. In this case, of course, the companies offering rebates like are the ones that benefit all. However, if you play it right, you can benefit a lot from rebates.

Keep in mind that the only reason why companies offer rebates in the first place is simply because they know people will just forget to claim the rebates. Free stuff after mail in rebate is actually real, however, since many people forget to claim the rebates, companies don't really mind offering unbelievable rates. These companies still end up getting huge earnings compared to if they had utilized the traditional price reduction.

One thing you should watch out for are those extremely complicated forms. These are made complicated on purpose, so that the consumer will not be bothered to fill them up. Claiming a rebate may require you to circle/underscore the pricing on the invoice, include a UCP code from the box, and do other meticulous actions. In short, companies are simply relying on the fact that consumers can't be bothered. But if you are determined to make time for those rebates, you can definitely beat the system.

There are several things you can do to have companies actually process your claim, instead of telling you that what you sent back cannot be considered because you "missed instruction no. 2." Follow instructions precisely and send in the rebate right away, within the allowed timeframe. While others are leaving the rebate on the table and waiting for the wind to blow it away to the trash, you are working on getting your deal. Photocopy UPCs and rebate forms so that you have back-up verification in case something goes wrong. Don't hesitate to follow up on your rebate if you aren't getting it on time. The tips to follow are really simple. Just focus a bit on the forms you have to fill up, while everyone else is forgetting to send them in!
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