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Franchise Tip: Reduce Employee Turnover

Sep 6, 2008
Becoming a franchise owner can bring you great rewards as well as great responsibilities. Becoming a "boss" can bring you many great benefits for yourself, however you will have all the duties a boss carries. For example you will have to keep the customers happy, produce quality products or services, manage your time, create schedules for employees, manage the books, and you will also be responsible for hiring and firing staff. This is sometime a challenge for franchise owners. Getting and keeping good qualities is hard to manage. Many find that reducing employee turnover can be one of their biggest challenges.

Employee turnover is the ratio of the number of workers that had to be replaced in a given time period to the average number of workers. Basically how many people are coming and going as employees. Some business have what is known as a high turnover rate, which means that have a shorter tenure than those of other companies in that same industry. Having to replace costs you as a business owner time and money.

First of all it costs money to hire employees. You most likely have to pay for their drug test, and other processing fees. You will also spend time and money training them. If you have a trainer, you are paying double the money to train that person as you will pay the trainer and the trainee. You may also lose money if you are understaffed due to not being well staffed.

You will also be losing time since you will have wasted time training them. But keep in mind that it also takes time from your schedule to find and hire new employees. This can be the bigger issue, especially if you lose a qualified and well seasoned employee. You may be concentrating your time to finding new staff and neglecting other responsibilities.

So, here are a few ways to reduce employee turnover:

First start by clearing addressing compensation and benefits from the beginning of the hiring process. This is two main reasons an employee will leave. They need to know what they are making and what they receive by working at your franchise.

Next, provide a training program for all employees. Keep your employees informed. Also if they know what they are doing they will for more comfortable therefore will most likely stay longer.

Provide a clear path for advance. Another primary reason that employees leave is because they feel that they have no room to grow or aren't going anywhere with your franchise. If employees know they can grow and advance they will not feel the need to find a new job.

Provide a good work environment. If your employees are uncomfortable they will not want to stay. They will see that there are other and better options available if you do not provide them with good working conditions and environment.

One main way to avoid employee turnover is to hire the right people from the start. Know what you want and what you don't want for your franchise. Take the time to interview each applicant and get a good feel for them. As a previous trainer for a large company, I could tell within a few minutes if someone was going to work out, and I also knew exactly which managers were conducting interviews.

So, keep your franchise running great by hiring the right people from the start and avoiding high turnover rates!
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