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Is it Possible to Become a Part Time Franchisee?

Sep 6, 2008
Franchising has become a great way to make money and be your own boss. Being your own boss means, you get to choose your work hours, you get to choose who you work with, and you get to choose what kind of work you do and much more. Franchising is a great way for many to own their own business with much less risk than starting an independent business. Franchising does require you to put time and effort into it if you want to be successful. So, what about the franchise opportunities that say you can franchise part time?

Keep in mind, that usually when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. So, if you are offered to become a part time franchisee with tons of benefits and guaranteed to make a significant amount of money quick, you should step back and really think about it. However, there are some very legitimate part time franchise offers available. The key is to do your research and do it well!

Talk with the franchisor about as many details as possible. Ask as many questions as you can to them. But don't stop there. Call or visit other franchisees that are currently franchising from them. Ask them how many hours they spend running their business, ask them about the chances of working from home, as them if they are truly benefiting financially from their franchise, and if they would recommend becoming part of the franchise family. This is one of the best ways to judge if what the franchisor is telling you is correct.

Becoming a part time franchisee is a great option for women, especially those with families. Many of them allow you to only spend minimal time in the location and you can do the other work at home. There are many franchises currently available with the mentioned criteria, however you still have to find the right one for you and avoid potential scams.

Some of these part time franchises are run strictly from home and you may have the choice of how part time you wish to be. Basically you will choose your success. If you work more you will make more, however if you work less you will make less. Not all at home franchises will be run this way. Keep in mind that what some can do in an hour takes others 5 hours.

It is important that you be realistic with yourself about being a part time franchisee. If you are only there are few hours a week, you will have to hire a manager or managers. Someone needs to be there to manage the daily duties of the franchise. This means you will in turn be making a little less money since you will have pay them. You will also have to select a well qualified and well suited person to manage your franchise that you trust. After all it is YOUR investment.

So, if you feel that part time franchising is right for you make sure you do your homework and avoid possible scams and you can be successful as a part time franchisee.
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