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How To Copy the Rich to Secure Your Dreams

Aug 17, 2007
Are you one of these people that continually live in hope, but never actually find a way to 'Live Your Dreams?'

Do you find that at the end of every month, however good your take-home pay seems to be, it is never quite enough to do more than just break even?

Have you dabbled in the internet, thinking it was the panacea of all financial fortunes, and earned nothing - nay - lost your shirt?

Imagine if you could reach a situation where not only could you tell your boss "I am so sorry, but I can not afford to work here any more...", but you found that even while you slept, or played on some exotic beach, money just seemed to flow into your accounts?

What would that mean to your whole existence? How would you feel where even after spending out on a few luxuries like a new car, or an expensive holiday, or even just taking time out with friends and family, you still had money in the bank, money that just kept building up? What would that mean for your retirement plans?

Pipe dream or actual possibility?

Would you like to know how this dream can be achieved, or are you quite happy in the J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). Brief answer - find yourself a millionaire mentor.

Let me tell you a little story.

Some years ago, my wife Jane and I went on an investment property course, and as a result of that, we got out of our box, mortgaged the house up to the hilt, and went on a property buying spree. Nothing unusual about that- but did we tell our family? Did we tell our friends?

No - we didn't, because we knew that they would think we had gone barking mad!

But when we read the newspapers, or listened to the radio or TV, or even in the few times we went down our local pub for a quiet drink, what did we hear?

We heard so-called self-proclaimed 'experts' telling us about the tremendous risks involved in property, how they knew somebody or a friend of a friend who had gone bankrupt though property deals, or was losing $400 per month on each property as they could not get the full rental income.

Honestly, it was almost enough to make us run to the estate agent, or whoever, and put all of our properties back on the market.

So, what did we do? Well, we went back to other property trade shows, property seminars, anywhere where like-minded people were talking from a position of authority and experience as to what was going on. We started mixing with the rich and famous, and those that had made fortunes in property - and we 'adopted' pour own pet millionaire mentors. And you know what? That made us buy some more.

If You Want to be Rich, First of all You Have To THINK RICH.

And now, with around $5 million worth of investment property, we can see this growing by at least $300,000 every year.

But of course, this was just 'paper' money. The only way we could realise it was by putting the properties on the market.

So, we had to rethink our strategies. We needed a way to generate cash, lots of cash, to feed the lifestyle we were determined to enjoy.

Well, we did what thousands of other people did, we invested in internet marketing. If you go to any internet marketing conference, seminar, or just look at many web sites, the message is simply "Making Money on the Internet is SOOOO Easy..."

Did You Think Internet Marketing Was Real Easy, and How To Get Rich Quick?

You know, we bought, and we bought, and we bought and we bought just about every get-rich product we could find. Do you know, we must have spent close to $100,000 on products, seminars, training from here, training from there, tried this technique, tried that technique, and ended up broke, very broke ( but with a tremendous range of 'assets' gathering dust in the cupboard!).

We also found a lot of very similar people feeling as let down as we were, and so we set up a web site where we could offer our knowledge and expertise to others, to try and advise against spending on the wrong things and trying to help them build up their own internet business. This was the reason why 'The Brit Group' was formed.

But what has changed our fortunes? Not the latest gizmo that we bought, but a slow realisation that our strengths lay not with 'What we knew', by 'Who we knew.' We made darned sure we found a group of 'Millionaire Mentors' to follow and copy.

And as we got to know these guys (and gals) we started to mimic them - to follow what they were doing.

For instance, when Jerry 'DRhino' Clark said that the TV was the biggest 'Income Reducer', we turned ours off. He also said what it was that sold newspapers - Bad Luck. So why fill your head with other people's problems. So guess what, we don't read newspapers any more. All right, we do read the financial stuff, but not about the world in general.

I can hear some of you now, saying "Well, they don't live their own lives any more..."

Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery - Copy The Rich...

How true that is. We watch, copy, and learn from millionaire mentors who are already doing what we want to do, and that is to make buckets of money from residual income on the internet.

OK, we are not fully there yet, and we are still working quite long - but smart - hours, but we have learned a very valuable lesson, and that is, if you are going to get ahead, you have to mix with like-minded people, mix with millionaires you will become rich - mix with losers - you stay a loser - Fact of Life!

Now, grabbing hold of rich people is not always easy. But, if you are going to be rich, you really do need your own millionaire mentors. Although they will inevitably talk to you if you catch them at the right time, they have their own very busy lives to lead. But if you want to spend time with people like Joe Sugarman, of Blue Blockers Sunglasses fame, or the guy behind the George Foreman Grill, or Dan Wheeler, biggest host and BILLIONAIRE $ seller on the massive QVC store, Ken Kerr who designed Walt Disney's Epcot Center, or top internet marketers like Stephen Pierce, Marlon Sanders, and many others, you would have your work cut out (and your money) globe trotting round the world to see them.

But - like most well-off folk, they are usually only too pleased to talk, and become millionaire mentors to you. So if you can, try to listen to interviews on these and other celebrities. It is the next best thing to being on the next bar stool with them.

We know how difficult it can be to meet real-live millionaires in the flesh so to speak, so we have actually invested a lot of our time and money in putting together a membership site that does just that. Every month a new millionaire comes to your in-box, and divulges all their secrets of how they got to where they are.

And - if you are quick and clever - if you adopt their millionaire mentor advice and copy their trails already pointing to fame and fortune, you too will be able to follow.
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