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Internet Marketing Ideas for the Work at Home Mom

Sep 6, 2008
Many work at home Moms are consistently searching for internet marketing ideas that can assist them in making their business successful. While marketing by means of direct mail, telephone calls, business cards, fliers, and advertisements in local newspapers and magazines did seem at least a little appealing at one point in time, marketing on the internet is so much broader, easier, and overall, less expensive. Nowadays, you will get many internet marketing ideas for the work at home mom that is seeking to save time and money on their marketing endeavors, while at the same time, looking to expand their success quickly.

Article Marketing Campaigns

One of the easiest methods of internet marketing that are conducting as a work at home mom is article marketing campaigns. This is really simple, and can be done by anyone! You basically just write an article pertaining to some aspect of your business, just not in a promotional way. Lets say that as a work at home mom, you focus on selling home school curriculum. In an article marketing campaign, you may choose to write articles like:

The Advantages of Home schooling.
Socialization for the Home school Family.
Arts and Crafts for Your Home schooler.

While these articles are geared towards home schooling families, they are not promotional in nature. Once you compose your articles, you will place them in free article directories. Many free directories will even pay you a little bit of cash on the side for your content! These include the websites of eHow, Associated Content, Squidoo, and Helium. While there are many out there, these seem to pay the best and in the most consistent manner. While you are marketing, you can earn a little cash on the side until your products and/or services start to sell! If you do not have a knack for writing, that is fine. There are businesses out there, like Need-An-Article.Com, and even eHow and individual freelancers that can produce professional content for you!


MySpace is a popular, International social networking website that you can use for internet marketing as a work at home mom. Here, you can create free promotional pages, join groups with individuals who you consider your target audience, participate in forum discussions, and even post classified advertisements that can promote the products and services that you offer as a work at home mom. This type of advertising is very effective if you join the ever-popular add me MySpace groups, and even participate in some of the new MySpace Apps, such as Own Everyone and Own Your Friends. In many instances, it simply helps to be creative and fun when engaging in internet marketing endeavors as a work at home mom!

As you can see here, there are some really easy and fun ways to engage in internet marketing. As a work at home mom, it is easy to over complicate things, but should be avoided at all costs when it comes to online marketing. You can succeed in marketing online, just be a little creative and have some fun with it! It is then that you will see instant success!
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