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Sep 7, 2008
Blogging is becoming big business - as a business. That's right; blogging isn't just for the anonymous web-logging (or electronic diary) enthusiast. The truth is blogging isn't just about businesses informing customers about your industry. Yes, these things do happen and they are an incredibly valid form of blogging, but there is a newer taste of green in blogging.

No, I'm not talking about the environment although for some I suppose this idea could improve their personal space. The blogging I'm referring to is the kind that is filtered through a service that will pay the writer to blog. This is typically a shared revenue system that places an accepted blog in a well-trafficked Blogosphere and then shares the revenues from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising with the blogger. They supply you with the space and you get a share in the profits from traffic advertising clicks.

I've written several articles about the relevance of a business blog, but there may be the opportunity to take something as personal as your business blog and turn it into a promotion tool for your business while maintaining the potential for residual income.

There seems to be dozens of paying blog sites that simply want consistently fresh content that will drive traffic to the sites and increase their revenue stream.

For you this may be viewed as a small part of your business, but for many blogging sites this IS their business. They need content and they can't write it all themselves so they recruit.

With each passing day there is more and more pressure on the Internet to provide comprehensive access to information.

Look at this issue from the blog site owner's perspective. They want to be thought of as a genuine resource for information. Why? If these blogs can't provide great content then the information consumers will take their business elsewhere. Blogging sites need people who can engage readers and bring those content consumers back over and over again.

Some sites pay very generously while others do not, but if you have been consistent about providing focused content there may be an opportunity to blog for cash and still use this resource as a tool to drive consumers to your primary site.

Blogging has become great for business and it's a tool that can return some dividends to the ones responsible for making sure the blog remains fresh.

In virtually all cases there will be an application process where the blogging site will seek to determine your track record, the quality of your material, and how much traffic may already be viewing your blog. This information is important in determining your value as a paid blogger.

For instance these sites will not likely select a blog writer that does not change content on a regular basis nor will they be very interested in a blog that just started and has two or three posts.

They want to know if you have been able to deliver before they decide to give you a chance to deliver for them. This isn't an idea that should be viewed casually - your work will be scrutinized before you ever get the green light to earn some blogger's green.
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