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Application Systems Streamline Your Recruiting and Hiring Process

Sep 7, 2008
Are you looking for a faster, simpler and more effective way to recruit and hire new employees? This article will provide you with information about application systems that simplify your candidate recruiting and hiring systems. Whether you're an administrative assistant, a hiring manager or a recruiter, the following information will be beneficial to you.

Businesses employing large numbers of workers face unique hiring challenges. Taking applications, screening, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding dozens, hundreds or even thousands of new hires can lead to confusion, missed opportunities, lost time and wasted resources, including money. Application systems give managers the ability to review and hire the right applicants quickly and efficiently.

When you're drowning in resumes, it's hard to know if you'll ever find the perfect candidate for that open position. If you're consistently burdened by sorting through and reviewing candidate resumes, evaluating their credentials, managing the entire interview process and finally selecting the best possible candidate who fits the open position, you may never see the light of day!

Many organizations, however, are switching to an automated application system that helps them streamline their recruiting and hiring process, making it easier and more effective. Online resume and application submissions allow organizations to view job applications quickly and minimize the amount of paper used in the office. In addition, companies can save storage space while avoiding the cumbersome take of filing and retaining paper resumes for future reference.

An application system can help your organization to:

- Select and retain top employees
- Streamline your employment application process
- Track resumes
- Evaluate candidates and provide the critical information necessary in making good hiring decisions
- Simplify your recruiting and hiring system

For job candidates, an online application system is even better. They can browse open positions and apply only for those which they are qualified. This narrows down the number of resumes and the amount of time spent sorting through the ones that match the requirements. Job candidates can also post their resumes online so that the employer can view them at any time and possibly recruit them for a matching position.

Online employment application systems help facilitate consistency for every application process, while ensuring that employers meet important EEOC reporting requirements. Online job application systems provide all of the tools needed to identify and hire top performers, making it easy to manage the data and documents associated with job applications and applicants. Most systems have an application process that is easy for applicants to navigate and provides the employer with hiring flexibility where hiring managers can list, add and post jobs, and customize interview questions for specific job positions, while applicants are given the ability to search open job listings, apply for more than one position and attach their resumes.

By utilizing an electronic application system in your hiring process, you will make your selection process easy. You'll eliminate the headaches of managing and reviewing large numbers of resumes and applicants. You'll give yourself the tools to effectively review candidate resumes and credentials, evaluate candidate job fit, and make the best possible hiring decisions. Eliminate excess paper, increase your hiring efficiency and create consistency in your recruiting and hiring system with an application management system.
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Jim Sirbasku is co-founder and CEO of Profiles International, a leading provider of human resource management solutions and employment assessments for businesses worldwide. Learn more about streamlining your recruiting and hiring process with an application system - visit our website.
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