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The Profit Creation System, Find Your Niche!

Sep 7, 2008
This system can earn you thousands or even millions of dollars if you are dedicated, motivated, and follow every step without compromise. If you follow the steps in the correct order you will get predictable results. You have the power of science and logic on your side when you use this system.

Here's an overview of the six steps of this successful system:
Step #1: Find a niche.

Step #2: Find a product

Step #3: Find joint venture partners.

Step #4: Launch the product.

Step #5: Count the money.

Step #6: Repeat the process.

Let's look at finding a niche more closely,
Finding your niche. What do you know? Write down a list of skills or topics you know about or could become knowledgeable about. Write at least ten topics.

Then do research to find out what people are buying on those topics. Look on Amazon, eBay, Google Ads. Check Google Ads regularly. The ads that remain week to week are usually more financially rewarding. Look for digital products that fall within your niche.

Explore your niche further. Check out the competition. You don't want too broad of a niche. Instead, be specific in your niche. Don't carve out a new niche either.

Find a niche that is hot. This niche will have people in it that are already buying. This means there is more competition, but that is fine. Don't worry about the competition. You can still earn money because the customers in this market are willing to buy.

What is a good niche? Look for buying frenzies. For example, the niche of magic tricks is a frenzy niche because when people buy one magic product they end up buying many more magic products at the same time. You want the type of customer that is extremely interested in their niche so that they are willing to buy, buy, and buy some more.

Another sign of a good niche is if the market suggests a list of good products. For example, in the magic niche there are hundreds of great products that you can sell. Why do you want a host of products to sell? Because if you only have one product then that's all you can sell and will miss out on potential profits. Remember, you can promote other peoples products too.

Another sign of a good niche is if there is a price range that will promote a good up sell. For example, if you only sell eBooks you will have to sell many, many eBooks to earn a million dollars. So instead, sell the $5 eBook first and the up sell another product to them that is at least $100.

Why not just raise the price of the eBook? Because if you do, people will probably not buy it. They have become accustomed to a specific price range for eBooks.
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