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How To Use Safelists Effectively

Sep 7, 2008
Safelist marketing is a great way to get free targeted traffic to any website you own, but if you do not know how to use safelists the right way you will just find yourself spinning your wheels time after time. Believe it or not there is a correct way and a wrong way to go about using safelists.

Today I would like to share with you the correct way to utilize safelist marketing so it can become more profitable and useful for your business.

Now before you join any safelist the first thing you must do is create two junk email accounts, and to do this I recommend you use Gmail which a free email service provided by Google.

Why do you need two junk emails? When you join a bunch of safelists you will start getting a ton of emails, and we all know that you do not want your main email address filling up with a lot of emails now do you? I didnt think so.

Once you completed the sign up process for your two junk emails the next thing to do is join some safelists. Here again you do not just want to join any safelist as not every one of them offers good quality. The quickest and fastest way to find good quality safelists to join is to do a simple search in Google using keywords like free safelists, or credit based safelist.

Which ever safelist you decide to join make sure it is a credit based safelist. With a credit based safelist it ensures members click on the links in the email messages. For each link they click on they earn credits to use to send their own email out.

The next part is sending out your email message. The most important thing about your email will be your headline. You need to write a creative headline that will draw peoples attention, and make them click on it.

To get a good idea of headlines to use simply look at your own email and see what headlines others are using. Then determine which headlines stuck out to you and made you click on them.

Now there is a certain time of day you should send your email out. Some prefer morning others at night, but I like to send my email messages out around lunch time. This way you catch people when they are more likely in front of a computer and probably checking their email.

Apply the above steps and strategies and you can turn any safelist you join into a lead generating machine over night.
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