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Filling Schedules With Smart Internal Dental Office Marketing Strategies

Christine O'Kelly
Sep 7, 2008
When dentists need to increase their patient load, they generally kick-start their business with external dental practice marketing plans. This is a great way to build clientele, but when you add smart internal dental office marketing strategies, you can further increase the results. It might seem like adding work to your already busy schedule, but it only requires a few extra minutes of your time. You will find the trust you already have with existing customers will bring in a smaller number of new customers, but each one will be profitable and well worth the time.

Mention Your Need For New Clients

Many customers and possible clients often don't phone your office because they think you are not taking on new patients. Instead of asking for referrals, employ smart dental office marketing strategies and mention to your patients that you have room for new patients. Your patients will become eager to get their friends, neighbors, family, and even occasional acquaintances in before your 'few' available spots are full It really is as simple as that - patients don't associate asking with referral as meaning you actually have available timeslots for new clients.

Make Referrals Worth The Patient's Time

Many dentists consider giving piles of pre-printed 'thank you' notes their internal dental office marketing plan. These aren't going to send the message you intended. Add smart dental office marketing strategies that will truly make your customer feel appreciated. Instead of printed cards, send out a hand written 'thank you' to give it a more personal feel.

For each new client a patient brings into your practice, give each patient a reward that changes or increases with the more people they send to your office. To make this easy for the patient, provide them with a business card that has your business information on the front and the patient's name and reward on the back. You can offer the referral a small discount or reward to encourage referrals to come into your practice. So long as you set up a cost-effective program, the benefits of this type of dental practice marketing will outweigh the costs.

Provide A Personal Service

Adding a human element to your practice will strengthen your internal and external dental practice marketing plan. Set aside a portion of time each day to contact your patients simply to inquire about their health, and thank them for any referrals. This sounds like a waste of time that would be more profitable if you were treating additional patients, but there are several reasons to do this.

A simple phone call to your patients will make them feel you are genuinely interested in their health. It gives your practice a patient driven, not profit driven, feel. With superior service, your patients will be more likely to mention your name to others, return more often, and are even more likely to pay their bill.

To increase the clientele already attracted to your business with external dental practice marketing plans, add smart internal dental office marketing strategies into your daily business operations. This will help to supplement your business, provide you with quality, profitable referrals that will likely stay with you for years to come, and will further increase your clientele through word of mouth. Best of all, you don't have to work harder or spend a huge amount of time to see results if you simply market wisely.
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Christine O'Kelly writes for Officite, a leader in dental practice marketing with more than 3,000 successful projects to their name. Their specialized dental office marketing includes effective strategies for new and existing businesses.
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