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Indulge Your Inner Spielberg: Getting Started With Video Marketing

Sep 8, 2008
Online network marketing is extremely popular today. If you are focusing solely on traditional network marketing techniques, you are missing the bus. One of the best ways to generate free, targeted traffic to your site is through the use of video marketing.

You can thank video marketing for helping to create scores of online millionaires. But what can it do for you? Video marketing:

*Brands you as an expert

*Forges relationships between you and your potential customers

*Informs and teaches

*Has the potential to become "viral" (more on this below)

*Is usually a free lead generation source

*Can be search engine optimized to further drive traffic to your site

*Is another way to market your business.

There you have it. Above are the many ways video marketing can help launch your network marketing business to the next level. But how do you get started?

First, if your computer doesn't have a webcam, buy one. You'll need this (especially one that is at least 1300 px) in order to create clear and professional-looking videos. To get a decent one, you should only have to fork over about 100 bucks, which is not a big investment when you consider the potential return. Webcams are easy to set up, too; it should only take you a few minutes. Once that's done, take a few minutes to get acquainted with the cam's features. It will help to know everything your camera can do when you start creating.

When you sit down to make your videos, be yourself. The goal is to brand you. When people feel they know you and can trust you, they will be attracted to what you have to say.

Most likely, your PC is equipped with a software application called Windows Movie Maker. To find it, check in your Program Files. With this program, you can take videos, and the possibilities are so much further reaching than that. Create titles and credits, add audio and even add images to your videos. It's a handy little tool for making videos at home that will effectively promote your network marketing business.

Once you have created your video, you'll need a place to publish it. The video is yours to publish again and again, and you'll want to use it to its full advantage to help you generate leads.

You can upload your video manually to the various video sharing sites out there, but there is a faster way. Certain sites will distribute your uploaded videos to a variety of video marketing sites for you at no cost.

For most video sharing sites in general, getting started is as easy as creating a free account. Then, all you need to do is upload your videos, which is usually very straightforward. As part of the process of uploading your videos, there is a critical step to the success of your video marketing efforts: optimization.

Optimization is a way to make your videos, or any web content, easy for a web user to find. It is at this step that you will want to do a little homework. Log onto a site and see what other videos aimed at your target market are there. Take a look at those videos and check out how their owners have optimized them. Pay special attention the keywords they have chosen; you'll want to include these same keywords into your article summary. The goal here is that when someone searches for particular keywords, your article will always come up. Doing so will help drive traffic to your site.
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