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How To Make Leadership Training Retreats Effective

Sep 8, 2008
Leadership training retreats are a great way to get the leaders of an organization to increase their skills and become better leaders. There are a few steps that need to be taken at any leadership training event. They will help the event be a success and help your leaders grow and develop.

1. The event must be fun for everyone. One reason that retreats are a great way to help train leaders is because they are a lot less formal than an in-house training. There is more social activity going on and a lot more fun that is happening all of the time.

2. Everyone at the retreat must be interacting. These types of trainings usually bring employees in from all office locations. If you have groups that just hang out and listen, there are golden opportunities that are being missed to create valuable relationships across the company. There needs to be opportunities to work together in small groups so all the employees can get to know each other. If employees are forced to interact and get to know different people, they won't just hang out with the people they know and are comfortable to be around.

3. Break up talk or activities to keep things interesting. At retreats that last thing you want is for your employees to get bored. You need to realize that people have very short attention spans and if you break your material into chunks, like every ten minutes or so, everyone will stay fresh, interested, and

4. Smaller groups will help people to open up. Have you ever been in front of a group and asked a question and for comments and all you earn is silence? This is simply because people don't like to be the center of attention, especially in large groups. Smaller groups (around 2-6 people) lets individuals speak with each other about the question and share what they think about the topic being discussed. The response that you are looking for will improve dramatically!

5. Always start with the buy-in. Always start a retreat by getting the audience to accept and understand why they are there in the first place and why they should care about the retreat. If you can get them to buy into the benefit of the retreat right from the beginning, they will be much more engaged in the activities.

6. Always end with take away actions. Give the group a specific action that you want them to do. If you don't do this, they will most likely forget or put aside everything that the retreat was supposed to teach them. They are the leaders of your company and they should be working hard to improve their selves and improve the employees around them.
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