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7 Simple Steps to Skyrocket Your Network Marketing Success with 3-Way Calling

Sep 8, 2008
3-Way calling is a process where a qualified third party is brought in who plays the role of "expert" onto the phone line to answer any and all questions a prospect has. This helps them may make an informed, intelligent decision about joining your business and your team.

Sometimes you will bring in this third party support and other times you will be play the role of the expert.

These 7 simple steps will help you skyrocket your success when you are playing the role of the third party expert on a 3-way marketing call.

Step #1 - Greet your prospect.

For example: "Hi Mary, where are you located?"

Step #2 - Return edification.

This is after your 3-way calling partner introduces you and builds you up as an expert. For example: "Joe is way too modest and I'm sure he wouldn't tell you himself what a remarkable team leader he is. He is destined for success in this company and is a fabulous support to his team. I'm sure you'll love working with him as he's a ton of fun and really cares about the success of his team."

Step #3 - Restate questions and answer them in simple terms.

Here's an example: "I understand you have a question about how we make money. We make money in two ways: customers and customer getters."

Step #4 - Check that all their questions have been answered.

For example: you can ask them, "Do you have any other questions about how we make money?"

Step #5 - Outline the sponsoring process.
For example: "Mary, let me ask you something and tell me if I am correct. You visited Joe's web site and watched a little movie and filled out an interview form and then Joe called you, right?"

"Joe asked you few questions to see if you were still interested in making money from home, right?"

"When you had a question, Joe introduced me to you and I answered your question, right?"

"So let me ask you Mary, is there anything Joe did that you can't see yourself doing?"

Step #6 - Take your prospect's pulse.

Ask them where they are on a scale of 1-10, 1 being not interested in the opportunity and 10 being ready to get started.

If she's a 10, take her through enrollment process immediately. Don't talk any more! If she's above a 1, but not a 10 yet, ask her,

"What do you we need to do to take you to a 10?"

This is where the magic happens. Your prospect will tell you exactly what to do to enroll her. If your prospect has more questions, then try something like this:

"Great, if we can address that for you to your satisfaction is there anything else preventing you from getting started right now?"

Keep going like this until all objections and questions are addressed.

Step #7 - Enroll your prospect.

After you've answered her questions, fill out the application on the phone. Even if she's not quite ready to move forward due to issues with money or for some other reason, fill out the application anyway so they have that part of the process complete.

That's it. Simply follow these 7 simple steps to skyrocket your network marketing success with 3-way calling!
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Tracy Monteforte is the co founder of WTPowers.com, a one-stop-shop automated marketing system, helping thousands of network marketers worldwide make more money, quickly and easily. Tracy's mission is to teach network marketers how to create success 100% from home. For free business building tips and strategies, visit www.WTPowers.com and subscribe to Tracy's free PowerLine Newsletter.
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