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Five Deadly Mistakes Network Marketers Make When Using 3-Way Calling and How to Avoid Them

Sep 8, 2008
3-Way calling is a process where you bring a qualified third party who plays the role of "expert" onto the phone line to answer any and all questions your prospect has so that they may make an informed, intelligent decision about joining your business and your team.

Unfortunately, many network marketers sabotage their success by making one or more of these deadly 3-way calling mistakes. I'll share them with you if you promise to avoid them like the plague.

Deadly Mistake #1 - Not doing them!

Deadly Mistake #2 - Not setting it up in advance

It doesn't matter if your team is your upline, downline or sideline as long as they are qualified to answer your prospect's questions. Remember, the goal is to illustrate that there is team support and that your prospects are not alone. Make sure that you call your 3-way team ahead of time to ensure that they are available.

Deadly Mistake #3 - Not edifying or improper edification

Edifying is building up your 3-way guest as an expert. Make them walk on water and glow in the dark, figuratively speaking of course. It is important to say only things that are true.

When edifying, be sure to appeal to different personality types by mentioning different things about your expert that your prospect may relate with (i.e. family, fun, caring, knowledge, money).

Here's an example of great edification:

"I'd like to introduce you to Pat Monteforte. Pat is heading up the national expansion of our company and has been instrumental in my success. He's a family man and a ton of fun to work with! Pat is the perfect person to answer your questions about the compensation plan as he understands all of the details on how to leverage it for maximum earning potential."

"Pat, I'd like to introduce you to Mary. Mary has a question about how we make money with this program."

Then sit back and shut up! Which leads us to:

Deadly Mistake #4 - Interrupting.

After putting in all this effort into edifying, don't undo that work by interrupting! If you interrupt, you immediately de-edify your team member and loose the effectiveness of the 3-way call. It doesn't matter if they are totally messing up the explanation. The prospect doesn't know. The best way to avoid interruption is to mute your own line.

Deadly Mistake #5 - Talking too much afterwards,
(Otherwise known as Fire Hosing)

When someone is thirsty you them a drink of with a glass, not a fire hose! Answer the questions asked as simply and succinctly as possible. There will be plenty of time for all of the details during the training process!

Bonus: Deadly Mistake #6 - Not having enough people available.

Create a list of people and their available times and remember to check with them in advance and make sure that everyone is properly trained.

Be sure to avoid these deadly 3-way calling mistakes and you'll be sure to get the most out of this powerful sponsoring strategy.
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Tracy Monteforte is the co founder of WTPowers.com, a one-stop-shop automated marketing system, helping thousands of network marketers worldwide make more money, quickly and easily. Tracy's mission is to teach network marketers how to create success 100% from home. For free business building tips and strategies, visit www.WTPowers.com and subscribe to Tracy's free PowerLine Newsletter.
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