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What to Sell Online?

Sep 8, 2008
So you want to start an internet business? You probably want to put together a web-based store or use a drop shipment company to start and/or supplement your beginnings of this entrepreneurial pursuit. What you are going to sell and how are big questions.

In deciding which products to sell one must look objectively at the current market, the changing trends and the availability of products. Many items that can be found by going to your local store are not items that will successfully sell online. Why? It is a matter of convenience. No hassles of internet shopping, no shipping fees. No delayed deliveries because of the We do not ship to PO Boxes not being read. No chance of items becoming lost during the transit time. Items that can be found readily in town, offer the satisfaction of immediate gratification.

A good idea is to choose products that are not currently the hot item on the market, as the bigger conglomerates will already offer these items at a cost to the consumer that is cheaper than yours - simply because they can buy in bulk, whereas you may not be able to. Successful internet sales are full of items of special orders and hard-to-find items, such as a specific style of clothing.

Successful internet sellers and resellers do research into market trends. What sold yesterday in the town & convenience market may now sell well on the internet as it becomes less and less available in the quick stop shopping mode. A good researcher will include surveying individual geographical areas to see what is available and what isnt and choosing their products accordingly.

Antiques and knick-knacks are often seen for sale via internet stores. Traditional antique stores carry what they seem to run across, while internet antique stores have a much broader selection as they can tap into many more resources. They can also obtain items more quickly than the traditional store can. As for knick-knacks, there are very few stores out there that specialize in having an inventory of knick-knacks, and the world is full of people who have, want or collect knick-knacks. And what better way to find a quick variety than the internet.

Lastly, keep in mind that just because you or a few of your friends may like a specific item does not mean a bunch of consumers will share your views. Cater to consumer trends, lack of availability, specialized products and the old standby of oldies but goodies, and your internet business should do well. You will be constantly changing inventory so be prepared and watch, closely, all the factors that come into play with consumer purchases.
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