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Why Wordpress for Perfect for Business

Sep 8, 2008
Basic WordPress is a blog program that contains a sleek and easy-to-use format with easy maintainability. While it doesnt come complete with the additional template use such as Mimbo does, it works quite well for blogs. WordPress can be used anywhere from a personal interest format to a readers' blog of market information. Maybe you just want a place where your friends and family can get together in an internet and real time way. Either way, here are a few simple things to keep in mind.

There are some basic things that fall into the category of dos and donts, both with the setup and with the etiquette. In my personal opinion, dont set up a blog that people cant respond to - this defeats the entire purpose of blogging and yes, I have seen this and maybe it was an oversight.

The first thing to watch for if you are planning on promoting your blog is to make sure that when installing WordPress you DONT deselect the option Allow my blog to appear in search engines." If you deselect this, your blog may rarely be found.

The etiquette that comes with blogging is an important factor. Dont leave bad comments! If you see where someone has responded to your page and left a comment that makes you mad or irritable, dont respond to it. This will give a negative impact to what you are trying to accomplish.

Check out other bloggers, follow different discussion threads that appeal to your interest. Leave comments on other blogs but when you do, have them come across as intelligent. Check your spelling and grammar and at all costs do not leave a comment that simply says "thank you" or "nice page". This is nothing more than a cheap attempt to have someone look at your page, and chances are that they wont. The better the comment, the higher the chance of additional views to your own blog.

Dont ignore comments by others unless it is a negative comment. It is actually better to use a negative comment as a chance to ask the persons opinion on what they would like to see change. This can sometimes be a tough call and you may have to think about it. Use integrity in your own blog site(s) as well as other blogs and it will get you the same respect. You will attract more visitors. Use customer service skills. Be conscientious of what you are saying and how you say it.

Whatever your reason for creating a blog, it is much easier and less time-consuming to grab at the WordPress program. And remember your etiquette, as it will pay off in the short and long run of things.
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