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Business Incorporation Information On Types And Jurisdictions

Sep 8, 2008
Incorporation is the process of forming a company. The corporation can be of many types, some of these are listed below:

* Business
* Non profit organization
* Sports club
* A corporation owned by government
* Foreign corporation
* Public corporation

Incorporation is abbreviated as Inc. A substitute word for a corporation is company. These two words have the same meaning. In some parts of the world 'corporation' is used while in other parts the word 'company' is used. Company is abbreviated as Co.

There are several entities and individuals who provide incorporation information and services. These entities and individuals are professionally trained and authorized to provide information, advice and services in this area and are called registration agents or incorporation agents. The incorporation agent can advise you to find the right jurisdiction for you, and complete all relevant documentation, file it with the appropriate regulatory agency on your behalf, and complete the incorporation.

The entities and individuals mentioned above are found in every jurisdiction and country. Company incorporation agents not only provide relevant business incorporation information, advice and services about incorporating a company or a corporation in their specific jurisdictions but also help in arranging the first meeting of the shareholders of an incorporated business.

In some places they are lawyers and in other places these are professional accountants accredited by the professional accountancy controlling/regulating authority of their respective jurisdictions. Some like me, are MBAs with experience in this field.

You should keep this point in mind. Most professional company incorporation agents usually provide advice and services about incorporating a company or a corporation in their specific jurisdictions. Usually they are not trained to provide you services all over the world. For other parts of the world they tie up with another local company.

Which is fine, because you normally need someone local who is available to hold your hand and fulfill your requirements. So when getting business incorporation information, advice and services prior to the formation of a company look for someone who can understand your needs and temperament apart from the laws of the specific jurisdiction in which your company is about to be incorporated.

Before the advent of the internet the business incorporation process was long and cumbersome. A process that now takes only a few days. However, the time that has been cut in the registration process has more than doubled by way of the know your client documentation!

You can now sit at your home or office, browse the web, choose an appropriate agent, receive some documents through fax/email sign them and send them again through fax/email and you are done, your company will be incorporated and the original documents couriered to you!

In summary:

* Choose an agent you are comfortable with and who is not just available to you, but is also responsive to your needs.

* Obtain appropriate business incorporation information

* Online or not? Take a few moments to think about the advantages and disadvantages.
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