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Why Do People Choose Early Retirement?

Sep 8, 2008
People have a great variety of reasons to choose early retirement. One of the most common ones seems to be the desire to enjoy their lives. Many jobs nowadays do not require people anymore since automatization are becoming so popular, which may be another reason to retire early. Illness is another cause fro retirement, while other people do it because of subcontracting jobs. Anyway, the amount of reasons people have is endless. For many, early retirement represents the fulfillment of their dreams. Many people believe life is an adventure, where they can go as far as they choose to. Each individual is responsible for the fulfillment of his own dreams, whatever that dream may be.

When someone is determined to pursue a goal, there is nothing in this world that could possibly stop him.

If this world has convinced you that what you have been longing for is too far for you to reach it, think about early retirement as a way to get closer to that. When you have a purpose in mind, your health gets better. Therefore, make an effort to pursue the dream you have always had. There is nothing better in life than having something to live for every single day.

Dangerous aspects to consider early retirement

Early retirement must be planned to the last detail. It is not something you just do. What would happen, for example, if you retire without checking how much money you have, only to find that it is not enough to fulfill you dreams? You must never retire without taking care of details such as this; that is why it is so important to plan it in advance, having plenty of time to make all necessary adjustments.

Another thing to take into account is the dreams feasibility. There are dreams like becoming a famous astronaut that are just fantasy and are impossible to achieve. Dreams like these can only result in depression. Health conditions must also be considered, since illness can be a hindrance for the fulfillment of those dreams. Starting a new business, for example, has to be done only if the owner has enough money to support himself even if the business is no good. Certainly, early retirement offers many good opportunities for middle-aged people. But one should be prudent because as every opportunity come with a risk. It is important to make sure that the worse case scenario is manageable.
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