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2 Main Reasons Why Network Marketers Fail

Sep 8, 2008
Many self made millionaires created in the network marketing industry. There are many individuals who start this business and then drop out. Income possibilities motivate individuals to start recruiting immediately, thinking this is a good way to get rich quick. A list is started with a warm, viable market and even though this makes sense, being rejected by that market can be very disheartening. Most people give up right there.

What does this mean? It means that an initial contact may have been made with a family member and when that family member rejected the network marketer's ideas, than the would be marketer just dropped out of being in a network of marketers. Unfortunately time was not considered as was the investment that would have had to be made. The goals were not long term in mind and the "bumpy road" to success was not taken into account. Had it been otherwise, than another successful network marketer could have been added to the list of self made millionaires.

Many people get the sense that network marketers fall under the category of a "pyramid scheme." Unfortunately the negative press has affected many recognized companies as well as the general public. And there have been many pyramid marketers who have sullied the name of reputable companies, thereby leaving people with the negative impression that network marketers are like any pyramid scheme.

There is no getting around it. There is a lot of effort involved in making network markets successful. If you can get two and they can get two and so on down the line, than you can make lots of money. Network marketing involves a huge amount of networking and marketing. If not vested in this, than disenchantment will quickly set in. There is work involved and if anyone representing a business tells you otherwise, than they are misrepresenting the truth. Nothing is for free. Especially when launching this new business venture does one need to realize that "blood, sweat, and tears" will be involved.

The cost of advertising will need to be considered in the marketing plan. This is a huge cost as this is a normal business and not something you hope drop by the wayside. In order for the community to become aware of what is being sold, than advertising a product in a marketable fashion will need to have the capital invested into it. Avoiding mistakes that failed network marketers have made will help in increasing your chance of success.
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