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The Myth Of Network Marketing And How To Survive From It

Sep 8, 2008
In order to make a success in the network marketing business you will have to take time to truly understand what MLM is all about. Myths have abounded with network marketing as well as common mistakes that network marketers make.

One of the myths is a passive income idea or total retirement. Total retirement is not achieved in network marketing. Your MLM business is solely your business but if you don't provide sound leadership no matter where your station is in your business than a slow but steady die off will follow. If the deepest level of your organization is not built on, than this die off will follow up the chain until it negatively affects our leaders who in turn may quit. Overnight, an unstable company has been known to fall into the world of non-existence. If your leaders are worth their weight in gold, they will follow you no matter which company you go to. This involves taking care of your leaders, especially the new people. It is you they are following, not some already established leader.

Even though an upline yourself, you will still need to work closely with YOUR upline. You may think they are busy with their team and feel that it isn't worth bothering them with something you think may be trivial. BOTHER THEM! Your upline is there to help you. After all they are earning money from YOUR group and want to make sure you are not in need of anything. After all, you have the right to request their help. Your group is providing them money.

Remember...your upline is NOT your boss. A good upline wants you to succeed and they do this by guiding you and help you. You are in business for yourself by not by yourself. Having an upline willing to call you, encourage you and help you is indeed a worthy upline. They want to make sure you succeed and again...it is also their income involved. Granted, not all uplines are that interested in your financial future, but by not being so, they are really affecting their own financial future.

Approaching new prospects should not be with the intent to cure them but with the intent to providing a solution. You are there to give advice and to prescribe a solution. It is up to your new prospect to decide what they will do with the information or whether to buy into your business.
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