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Risk Management In Network Marketing

Sep 8, 2008
No matter who you are, where you are and what you are doing, there are always going to be risks. Minimizing your risks, for the most part, depends on your judgment.

Losing money in network marketing is a risk but if you learn fast, than you will develop the needed skills and the faster you break even from this business. If you do want to make a comfortable living then you will need to stay in the MLM for the duration. Not setting high enough financial goals will encourage only a part time or half hearted effort which really is going to see a payment of the "part time" income mentality. Others think that if they can find that single opportunity with two to four downlines, which will network build for them, then their conclusion is that they will be "set for life." There is no getting around it. Becoming a part of a MLM company is hard work. It takes time and lots of effort to realize a dream of $10,000 a day every month vs. $0.01 doubling every day per month. $10,000 times 30 days equals $300,000. $0.01 doubling daily would product $5,368,709.12 and if there is one more day, the total would be over 10 million.

The first six months are your education months Learning and hands on experience is what is needed in the MLM industry to succeed. Remember..."Rome wasn't built in a day." You will need to pace yourself and be aware of your financial limitations. There are questions which you will need to ask of yourself. Can you afford the joining fees or are you prepared to pay for the overheads like gas, food and training materials? How about survival if you don't make money the first six months? Will you tighten your financial belt or cut down on unnecessary items to make your dream come true? And, last but not least...Is learning a part of your vocabulary.

All of us have to learn something and not all of us have to learn something fast. With network marketing learning fast means an income sooner. Sure there are risks but to some degree, you are in control as to how you will fare when confronted with a risk taking proposition. As was mentioned, minimizing those risks is largely in your hands. By building on your dreams and realizing that it is up to you to make anything happen, than risk management will be put to good use in the network marketing business.
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