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How Can I Use Podcasts on My Website?

Sep 8, 2008
A podcast is basically the process of recording a non-music audio broadcast (news, sports, discussion, etc.) into the MP3 format for playback in a digital music player. But what can it do to build and enhance the visitor experience on your website.

Google estimated that as of the Autumn of 2006 there were 20 million podcasts logged in cyberspace at that time. Early in 2008, eMarketer estimated that there was a 285% increase in size of the U.S. podcast audience in 2007, meaning a substantial growth and a new figure of 18.5 million people. The research group expects that audiences will increase to 65 million by 2012, with 25 million active users who will tune in at least once per week.

Clearly, then, this is a rapidly advancing medium. Podcasts can be used to store dynamic information on a website, to be sent as a live feed, to be looped, and to be sent as the medium of an opt-in subscription instead of an e-newsletter.

Podcasts can, needless to say, be listened to from direct online downloads without being saved and stored as recordings in a portable player. But their downloadable and portable audio quality makes them perfect marketing solutions for people who want to make their products stand out with more dynamic media. Companies who want to reach a target audience made up on the go movers and shakers need look no further.

Podcasts are also ideal for viral marketing. Their links can be forwarded for someone else to download or listen to online. If you create a podcast and break the show down with a list of clock-run times and the new topics or sub-headings that get talked about at that point, people will enjoy the ability to fast forward within the cast and get to topics of the most interest to them.

"How much is this going to cost me?" you may ask. Well, here's what you need to be able to put together and distribute podcasts: 1) Software for recording and editing MP3s; 2) Software for distributing and allowing others to access the podcast; 3) a computer-compatible microphone.

That's it. None of these things is very expensive and you only need to buy them once. You can distribute a podcast for nothing on the Internet and you can make them for almost nothing, too!

As with all online marketing tools, you'll need to try to get your podcasts accessed by more people than your competitors' are. Opt-in, auto responder, social bookmarking, and having the podcasts archived at a great website or blog will make a huge difference in how many people you get tuning into you.

Remember, if you have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in your own niche area, then you do need to shout about how good you are. There are loads of people looking for top quality information out there and when you can articulate your business well, you have a very big advantage over the
competition. And Podcasts could be a great way of doing just that!
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