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The Shocking Truth About Network Marketing

Sep 8, 2008
Did you know that over 95% of network marketers or home based business owners are operating their business at a loss? Or they will eventually fold. If you are in the network marketing business for the first time, this can be a very intimidating prospect. Remember, this is just a statistic and if you are not willing to become a statistic than you can find success in a MLM business. Though 95% "fail" there are those 5% who dared take the risk and financially succeeded. These are the ones who stuck it out through the initial ups and downs of a fledgling business and succeeded.

One of the main reasons for failing is being uninformed about MLM business and than blaming that same business for your failure. Whether it is the team or the industry itself, the blame should be focused elsewhere. And for some people that is a hard thing to accept.

Then where should the blame be placed? Lack of education. Perhaps you were not willing to learn or you failed to take the business seriously. MLM business is not a "get rich quick" scheme. Just because you think you refer a certain number of people and they in turn refer a certain number of people will get you rich in a hurry and that is all there is to it, think again my friend. It takes hard work to find the initial people and finding even one is definitely going to take some time in pursuing. Again, whose fault is it, the company's the sponsor or is it your fault? Your fault because you were not willing to learn what it takes to become successful in this business.

Acquiring passive income is what network marketing is all about but you have to "learn the ropes" and learn how to build your team, a team that is willing to make money for you. You can do this by learning while you earn and that the more you learn, the more you earn.

You will have to do something in order to make money. Network marketing is like any other business although more powerful than the day to day business. You will have to work hard at building your MLM business just like you would have to do if you were to run your own business. If you are able to adopt that attitude than you do have an excellent chance in succeeding in the world of network marketing.
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