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How To Start Off The Right Foot In Network Marketing

Sep 8, 2008
You will encounter many obstacles when starting on the road to network marketing. Meetings will need to attended often. Your upline is available for all of your needs. If unqualified, than go to an upline who will be able to mentor you and provide you with all the ins an outs of network marketing.

Once you have downlines, than you are in a position to lead and apply what your upline has taught you. Duplication is the key to success and in building a long term business. Your downlines are able to do the same as you and in turn they will be leaders to their downlines who will duplicate what they have taught them. In the field of network marketing, there are many successful individuals who are great speakers and excellent trainers. Even some have written books on being successful in MLM.

A big mistake is to buy countless books on MLM and attempting to prepare yourself as a successful leader. Perhaps you lean on imitating your leader, talking like them, looking confident as they do. That is all well and good but if you are lacking in their confidence or the author's charm, than you will not succeed in your attempts.

Becoming educated is helpful in making the right decisions but don't try to become like the other person. Imitating an author of a well known MLM can set you up for failure as the techniques pointed out were not written for you but for the author. This begins a search into other MLM books and soon disillusionment sets in and reading stops.

Leaders are not born. Over time and with the right circumstances, they develop by learning and growing. Successful uplines have found successful downlines who have learned and continue to grow and are will to share their experiences with their future team.

Choosing the right company is very important since that first step will take you on a journey that includes many steps and if applied the succeeding steps will be done with the help of other individuals who are walking that "proverbial mile." Anything that is learned and applied makes MLM a journey worth traveling and the trip is made more pleasant when there are other team members who are willing to do their share in a successful venture and start the journey on the right foot in the network marketing jungle.
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